5 things my 8 year old loves 

My son Reuben is 8 years old and like most boys his age is very into certain ‘stuff’.  We have bought all our boys up to not be always asking for whatever the new trend is and to value the things they are given and I find once he gets something he likes he really makes use of it.  So todays blog showcases 5 of the things he currently loves! 
1) Minecraft Baseball cap from BHS – £8.00. Minecraft. It seems there is no getting away from it.  If you’re not familiar, Minecraft is a game where you build your own environments or you can go into other people worlds and experience theres  (plus fight, try not to get killed by Creepers, eat and catch animals, trade and of course, mine).  Our two 8 year old’s are OBSESSED!  This baseball cap is great quality and not too over branded… and yes, thats a creeper face. 
2) Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD set from Amazon – £5.95 (current price subject to change).  After reading ALL the books the film adaptations were next on the list. A big favourite at school – both our boys are happy to watch them again and again and we get a few quiet hours!   
3) Gaming chair by Argos – £39.99.   This entry level gaming chair rocks and folds up for storage.  As our boys are still young we didn’t want versions with speakers, wifi or other gadgets but this chair makes them feel very grown up nonetheless.  They may be in year 3 but when its Xbox time things get serious. 
4) David Walliams books by WH Smith/various from £6.99.  Reubens nanny bought him his first couple of books at Christmas and since then he has really got into them.  Walliam’s books are great – funny and clever with a hint of Roald Dahl to them but very modern too.  Its wonderful to see your child reading for fun and these books are fantastic.  
5) Boat print t-shirt by TU at Sainburys – £4.  Ok, this is more a new purchase that I like, but Reubens been wearing it loads.  Boys tend to mainly wear t-shirts and jeans and its hard to find ones that aren’t all branded with the latest rubbish TV show.  I love the retro print on this one from Sainburys and at only £4 its an absolute steal too.

All items are available instore and online now.  What are your kids currently mad on?

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