#AD Skin Chemists Bee Venom Facial Serum

It’s March, so that means a new Skin Chemists review! Regular followers to this blog will know I have become quite a fan of this brand and am excited to be trying another innovative anti-aging product – this month it is Bee Venom Facial Serum.So…Bee Venom.  Its a hot product that has had lots of press attention – celebrity bee venom fans include Camilla Duchess of Cornwall and model Jourdan Dunn, but what is it and what does it do?

The science: By fooling the skin into thinking it has been stung Bee Venom causes the body to increase the level of blood circulation to the application area, encouraging heightened production of collagen and elastin. This increased production restores a plumper and firmer skin structure, slowing down skin sagging and dramatically reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It all sounds pretty amazing, but it is obviously not suitable for anyone allergic to bee stings! Oh, and no insects are hurt or killed obtaining this in case you were worried.

The main ingredients in Bee Venom Serum are:

  • Bee Venom which aims to plump and firm the skin while stimulating collagen production
  • A blend of Amino Acids to balance the skin, whilst improving skin clarity and encouraging an even skin tone for a brighter complexion.
  • Hyaluronic Acid to maintain moisture within the skin.

So, the big question – does it work?

I used the product morning and night and found it to be refreshing and easily absorbed into the skin. The serum itself has a great texture and a little goes a long way. As usual with Skin Chemists, it is in lovely premium packaging (a frosted glass dispenser) and uses clever tech so as you use the product, the bottom of the container pushes up meaning no serum is wasted – with beauty products (which lets be honest, are luxury buys) this kind of detail is important to me. I dont like waste!


On the first few uses I felt my skin react ever-so slightly to the serum (not in an irritated way, more of a plumping feeling) after use and my skins fine lines did look less visible after a few days. It also smelt lovely and fresh and could be used as skincare by either sex in my opinion.  I definitely noticed a tightening effect around my jaw area and time will tell if it tightens up those slowly appearing 40+years old jowls! 


I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking to tighten up areas of skin or plump fine lines and wrinkles and I am definitely impressed with the results on my skin in just 2 weeks. For those 40 years plus I think it would be a great (and unique) addition to your skincare regime.  

With this being a premium product it does carry a premium price tag, but excitingly my readers can get the Bee Venom Facial Serum I am reviewing for £19.99 until the end of the month (instead of the RRP of £129) using the code BLUESKYBLOG. The code is valid throughout March. Its really worth giving it a try at such a bargain price! Find it here. If you use it let me know, I’d like to know your results!

*I was gifted this product but all views stated are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer section.

The Art of Self-Gifting

So do you do it? Its kind of naughty, a little selfish and *ahem* very satisfying… I am of course talking about self-gifting. The act of treating yourself to the thing you want because, well, you’re worth it!

Now, I have a few personal rules for gifting to ones self.

  • Firstly they must be bargains (no extravagance here, thats for wish lists and actual gifts from loved ones),
  • They should be relatively frivolous – theres no joy in self gifting yourself something like nail varnish remover but a lovely nail varnish, now thats completely different,
  • They should ALWAYS make you feel good,
  • They shouldnt cost too much – £20 is usually my limit, spending more for no reason makes me feel a bit guilty!

We all deserve a treat now and again and as women we often put everyone before ourselves, particularly once we become mothers.

So, need some self-gifting inspiration? Here’s the last 10 things I self-gifted myself starting from just £1…

1) Striped tee £4.99
2) Tulle skirt £14.99 / all New Look

3) Adidas red gazelles (kids) £19.50 / Very.co.uk

4) Lace ruffle top / £15 / V by Very

5) Stationary inc planner clipboard £1.50 / Wilkinsons
A5 lightbox £12.99 / New Look

6) Embroidered biker jacket £10
7) Pin badge set £1
8) Gold textured boots £7 / all Primark

9) Asymmetric earrings £3 / Topshop

10) Glitter boots £7.50 / TU at Sainsbury

Not so keen to self-gift? Why not try the ‘I’ve bought this and you can give it to me as my birthday/mothers day/theres an r in the month present’. I find that one works well too!!!

Do you love to treat yourself and what do you treat yourself with? I’d love to know…

Try-Day Friday!

I was recently inspired by Dia&Co. (an American curated shopping experience, delivered to your doorstep, exclusively in larger sizes) to write about the importance of promoting confidence through fashion.

I have definitely been on my own journey with confidence and I do struggle sometimes to love my post 40, curvy, petite figure complete with ‘mum tum’. Having been a variety of different dress sizes over the years the one thing I have learnt is confidence is EVERYTHING! If you feel good about yourself on the inside you will look great whatever you wear – I really think it is that simple.

Dia&Co is promoting the idea of ‘Try-Day Friday’; a weekly-challenge to step outside your fashion comfort zone and embrace something new. We’ve all put on an outfit, maybe something new or different from our normal look, only to get nervous at the last minute and decide to play it safe. Maybe it’s time to stop letting our insecurities talk and embrace something new?

I thought about some of the trends recently I have seen people rocking and have shied away from and then decided to jump in 100% and put them all together in one outfit.

The looks I wanted to try were –

  • Wearing co-ordinates
  • Wearing trainers with a formal outfit
  • Wearing my hair up
  • Creating a ‘street style’ fashion look

I had wanted to try wearing co-ordinates for ages but had kept stopping myself for fear of look like a piece of upholstery! I had also seen lots of cool bloggers rocking trainers with their formalwear but wondered if I was too old to pull this kind of ‘street style’ look off. I also have a tendency to hide behind my longish hair so if I was going to truly get out of my comfort zone my hair would need to be put up too!

I had seen some a great looks on Instagram which I loved but hadn’t had the confidence to try, so with them as inspiration, I decided to embrace Try-Day Friday and go for it!  This is my look, my way –

I opted for an ASOS pyjama style co-ord from the petite range. The proportions are perfect for me and the trousers are a perfect length for my 5’2″ height. The navy jacquard fabric looks really luxe without being too dressy and the bomber jacket top gives it a sporty edge.  Find it here (jacket) and here (trousers).

photo via ASOS

I styled it with a simple vest underneath and pushed up the sleeves. The wide leg pants worked really well with trainers but I think would look just as good with heels in the evening.

Confidence project - ASOS co-ord pink lip & statement tassel earrings Sarah Gorlov Blueskygirlie Always a Blue Sky Girl blog fashion blogger

Confidence project - ASOS co-ord pink lip & statement tassel earrings Sarah Gorlov Blueskygirlie Always a Blue Sky Girl blog fashion blogger

To add a pop of colour I added a fun pink bag and pink tassel earrings – I love bright pink with navy and these H&M earrings are a real statement piece.

Confidence project - ASOS co-ord pink heart bag & statement tassel earrings Sarah Gorlov Blueskygirlie Always a Blue Sky Girl blog fashion blogger
To achieve the ‘trainers with formalwear’ look, I put on my trusty leather Converse All Stars. I LOVE these sneakers – being black leather they are a great way to wear trainers in a smarter way but still look casual – plus they are really comfortable!

To finish off the look I had to match those pink accessories with a bright pink lip too!  Would you believe this is a £1 lipstick from the Poundland make-up range?!? Its really good and a definite recommend.  As I challenged myself to, I put my hair up into a bun and although I prefer to hide behind my hair, I loved how it showed off those fabulous earrings.

Confidence project - pink lip & statement tassel earrings Sarah Gorlov Blueskygirlie Always a Blue Sky Girl blog fashion blogger

Lux pyjama bomber jacket / ASOS Petite
Lux pyjama wide leg trousers / ASOS Petite
Black vest (just seen)/ Primark
Leather Converse / Converse All Stars
Tassel earrings / H&M

Heart bag / River Island (past season)

So what are you going to do to push yourself out of your style comfort zone?

Take the leap…it’s really a great feeling!

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