About me

Hi there!  I’m Sarah – a full time marketing consultant and content creator, part-time blogger, seller of stylish vintage things you never knew you needed and general style lover living with my boyfriend, son and step-sons in Kent.  You might also know me as blueskygirlie via my Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

I trained as a window dresser at Harrods and since then have worked creatively for some of the most stylish companies in the UK including Selfridges, River Island, Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser.  I now create marketing content as my day job while managing a blended family of three boys.

I love Instagram, finding the beauty in everything and I’m a fashion obsessive & here to prove you can be over 40 and still look great!

I have also gone from a UK size 20/22 to a UK size 12 after losing 5 stone over the last 5 years. It has been a hard journey and I still have to watch what I eat as well as run 15k (around 10 miles) a week.  Also I am a petite 5’2″ so often ‘normal’ clothes are 3-4″ too long for me!  Sometimes my blogs will reference my weight loss etc but lifestyle and fashion/home styling will always be at their core!!!

My family is very important to me and you may find family posts as I have a 15 year old son and two step sons aged 15 and 10 and am always looking for ways to entertain them!

Hope you love what you find,

PR friendly. For enquires please email me at alwaysablueskygirl@gmail.com.

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