This is a personal blog run and owned by myself. This blog is PR friendly and when appropriate works closely with companies to help successfully promote various items.

All images are my own and owned by me so please do not use without prior permission. Any other images used are clearly attributed to the owner via the source link below them. I will always try and link back to the original source as best I can.

Again all text is written by myself.  Any attempt to use part or all of a blog post without my permission will be viewed as plagarism.

Sponsored blog posts:  I do accept sponsored posts/links, as long as they fit in with the themes of my blog. With respect, if you don’t have ‘a budget for bloggers’ or can’t offer anything in return, then I will be unable to write an article on my blog on your behalf. I expect my blog to receive the same respect as any other business in terms of using advertising.

Sometimes payment could be made to promote an item or company within a blog post. All companies are chosen as their products are of interest to the readers, from a subject point of view and also an ethical one. This may be a product placement within a blog or a whole blog post written by a third party.  If this is the case it will be clearly stated.

Gifted Items:

Any item reviewed that has been gifted will be marked clearly with an asterisk (*).  All items are chosen to be included as they are relevent to the readers interests (and my likes). All reviews are my own thoughts and beliefs and an honest review will be given!

I will feature the product in question through an outfit post, or if necessary in some other way. My blog posts are likely to be live within two weeks of receiving the item, but some may take longer depending current projects I may already be working on. Beauty reviews will take longer as I like to test for a minimum of 10 days, usually two weeks, so please be aware any review may take up to four weeks to go live.  I reserve the right to place an honest review on my blog; positive or negative, or not to feature the product at all which I hope is understandable.


Any adverts in side bars or below my blog have been bought and paid for by the businesses shown. I cannot be held responsible or liable for anything that the advertiser does or any issues with the products advertised but I pick companies that fit with my blog and style and that I would personally shop with.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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