New Years Eve thoughts

I’m not one for new years resolutions as I’ve broken far too many in the past but I do believe in challenging & pushing yourself and my hopes for 2015 are just to continue in the same direction.

I’ve worked so hard this year in my fitness and trying to continue a career while settling a new home/family. 2014 has been a great year – Russ and I bought our first house together, our relationship has gone from strength to strength, we travelled and we had so much fun.

I started this blog while writing some great paid blogs for others and I ran 3 times a week every week. My body changed as did my mind and I’m so happy with the results.

Our kids are all happy and our life is now full of potential, something it wasn’t before. Each year I wonder if this loved up feeling will wane but its still going strong and long may it continue! It is a wonderful feeling to feel someone adores you, is totally wrapped up in you, thinks you are the sexiest and most gorgeous woman around…and thats how he makes me feel.

Life isn’t easy, I’m not totally where I want to be, but I consider myself very lucky to have all this. Yes, I worked for it, but I am grateful and will never take it for granted…

Have a wonderful night tonight whatever you are doing and heres to 2015!

Dreaming of being Kim…

Todays outfit is one that is body con without being too figure hugging. I’ve been loving Kim Kardashians looks lately and tried to embrace a similar look today.
As a small, curvy girl, fitted works well for me and makes me feel very sexy! The pencil skirt from Peacocks has a high waist and is a roomy size 10 giving a very flattering look! I used to love Peacocks a few years ago (the Pearl Lowe range for example) but have found lately their range is not fashionable and aimed at quite a frumpy customer so just stick to them for staples. I do love their roomy sizes though!
The top is from a local boutique and very different with its orangey floral pattern and PVC and pearl decorated high collar. It’s also got a clever strip of black on the inside of the sleeves and all the back. You just wouldn’t get that sort of detailing on a high street piece.

As we are going out visiting, I tucked in a fitted top with pearl detail high neck into a pencil skirt and heeled boots. I love this top as its really unusual and has a structured shape while still being sexy.





So here I go out for the day, channelling Kim Kardashian’s sexy style – well a girl can dream!

Top – Local boutique
Skirt – Peacocks
Boots – Marks & Spencer

Christmas Day outfit

As you may or may not know I have a blended family. What that means is my partner and I both share access of our children with ex-partners. This means sometimes we have lots of kids, sometimes just one, and every so often, none!
This Christmas day all our kids were with their respective parents so we decided to book Christmas dinner in a hotel, like grown ups. Grown ups who don’t like to cook all day or do washing up!!!

That meant dressing up…and do I love to dress up! I planned my outfit quite a bit in advance and picked a leather dress from It took a bit of dieting and a lot of running but I squeezed into it. Tight fitting clothes are something I would never of considered when I was bigger but now I love to flaunt my curves.

With my love of Kardashian style coming out again, I added black tights and leather heeled ankle boots, plus an oversized metallic clutch bag and ring for a bit of sparkle.



We had a great time!!! Leather works great for a special occasion, is sexy, but as it has no give in it, you cant eat too much!!! But did I feel great wearing it? Definitely,and ultimately thats all that matters.

Dress – Love Label @
Boots – Marks and Spencer
Bag – Primark
Ring – New Look

My skirt is better than your skirt…(sort of!)

Ok, its probably not – but let me start by saying I am in love with this skirt. Properly. Yes its a bit weird but I’m ok with it. Fashion is a love affair after all!!!

I bought this Kew skirt a few years back but have never been small enough to fit into it. But this year with my metamorphosis into a runner and some dieting, my body has slimmed down and finally I can get myself into a size 10 fixed waist…yay!!!

Its a little tricky to wear for a petite girl so I co-ordinated it with a fitted white shirt, navy fitted jumper and Forever21 necklace. Its a heavyweight check with fringed hem in an A-line maxi shape.




Its a perfect choice for Winter and I think I’m going to wear it quite a bit till Spring.

Shirt – Matalan
Jumper- BHS
Skirt – Kew (now part of Jigsaw)
Necklace – Forever21

National Christmas Jumper Day

Ok, I’m going to come clean – I’m not really a Christmas jumper type person. I love fun fashion definitely…but looking like a clown? No thanks! However over the last few years there’s been some gorgeous Christmas jumpers and there’s something so festive about wearing one. And for someone like me thats great!

I also like a good cause and today is Save the Children’s National Christmas Jumper Day. The idea is simple – wear a jumper and make a donation – £2 if you’re and adult and £1 if you’re a kid. After searching everywhere (and not wanting to spend a fortune) I finally found a jumper I liked in the kids section of Store21. If you’re not familiar with Store21 (the old Ethel Austin) check it out – its really got some hidden gems all at bargain prices. It is pretty and girlie, baby blue yet still Christmassy…and I do love a Robin! If you’re a size 10 the age 11-12yrs kids will fit you. No VAT to pay either!
I smartened the look up by wearing a white shirt underneath, skinny jeans and worker style boots.
Look – they are kissing under the mistletoe 🙂


I also added a pair of snowflake earrings to add to the festive look.

Did you take part? Did you go full on Christmas or more muted like me? Whatever way we wore it its still a great way to raise money for a fantastic charity.
Jumper: Store21
Shirt: South at Very
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: New Look
Boots: New Look

Pretending I’m in a Cecil Beaton photo…

Today I’m wearing a very fitted Primark lurex tweed dress that has box pleats on the waist to make the skirt flare out. Its very 1950’s looking and gives an hourglass shape that makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of a black and white movie! The black wool tweed is very sparkly and quite festive too! I’ve teamed it with a pearl and gilt necklace and a fitted black long sleeve top underneath as its December and of course opaque tights and leather ankle boots.

I love this look and feel very feminine and elegant in it. Great when its two bargain fast fashion purchases as well.

I shot it in black and white for the full Hollywood glamour effect LOL!!! What do you think?

Dress: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Top: Matalan

The Jane skirt by BOB by Dawn O’Porter

I have fallen in love. With a skirt – a stunning one of a kind skirt – actually two of them!

A few months ago when Dawn O’Porter announced she was launching a fashion line my ears pricked by. I love her style and I think she’s done great work making vintage cool to a whole new market and showing how good it can look. In the last few years since writing afor some vintage businesses  I’ve embraced vintage fashion myself and now wear quite a lot of vintage pieces.

The BOB range is a collection of dresses and skirts based on vintage shapes but for a modern customer. And it looks great. The ‘Jane’ skirt is an A-line skirt in 4 Karen Mabon prints. They are cool, clever and funny. My favourites are ‘Quotes’ which has images of book pages and post-it notes with quotes by Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson and Emily Brönte and ‘Paper Planes’ – a design based on 90’s school including Fab ice lollies, highlighter pens, Wotsits and pencils. This 90’s school one with its brilliant random items all over it is my overall favourite – its such a talking piece!
IMG_5500.PNG</br />


Heres the close ups of the prints – they are amazing!


At £180 each they are not cheap but this isn’t disposable fashion – you would wear these skirt for ever.

There are 2 other designs available – ‘Geese in Flight’ and ‘Dog Walkers’ and I can imagine depending on your personal loves they’ll be really popular too.

Buy it at – the website also has a great vintage section.

Let me know if you love these skirts as much as I do. Now I just need to save up!!!

Leopard print Loving…

It’s got cold. Bitterly cold. And I really feel the cold! Thankfully I love coats…I have quite a few and view them as much part of my outfit as any other bit of it. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes every day, so why would you wear the same coat?

Last year I managed to buy the most amazing vintage faux leopard coat from a charity shop for the princely sum of just £5. Its a 1950’s coat I’d guess, probably hand-made as it has no makers labels and has an adorable peter pan collar, wide sleeves and a slight swing shape.
So with the wintery weather almost ever present, the coat is out again. I wore it the other day dressed all in black so it stood out. I styled it with knee boots and a black knitted beret style hat. I felt super cosy and also quite fabulous! Meow!!!


I think this coat, although it’s practically a pensioner in age, will be used for many years to come and I’m thrilled to be giving it a second lease of life!

Coat – vintage
Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – Topshop
Hat – Primark

And just as a note – this coat just looks like leopard – it’s definitely not made from one!!! I would never wear that…