Christmas Day outfit

As you may or may not know I have a blended family. What that means is my partner and I both share access of our children with ex-partners. This means sometimes we have lots of kids, sometimes just one, and every so often, none!
This Christmas day all our kids were with their respective parents so we decided to book Christmas dinner in a hotel, like grown ups. Grown ups who don’t like to cook all day or do washing up!!!

That meant dressing up…and do I love to dress up! I planned my outfit quite a bit in advance and picked a leather dress from It took a bit of dieting and a lot of running but I squeezed into it. Tight fitting clothes are something I would never of considered when I was bigger but now I love to flaunt my curves.

With my love of Kardashian style coming out again, I added black tights and leather heeled ankle boots, plus an oversized metallic clutch bag and ring for a bit of sparkle.



We had a great time!!! Leather works great for a special occasion, is sexy, but as it has no give in it, you cant eat too much!!! But did I feel great wearing it? Definitely,and ultimately thats all that matters.

Dress – Love Label @
Boots – Marks and Spencer
Bag – Primark
Ring – New Look

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