Getting Engaged 

So…I’m engaged now.  At 42, divorced with a child, getting married again doesnt seem like something you need to shout about…except you kinda do!  It is definitely a lovely feeling that makes you feel safe, very happy and most importantly very very loved.

Its fair to say Russ and I are a sickly sweet loved up couple already and making our love ‘official’ was always on the cards.  We own a house together and parent four (yes four!) boys between us so we are already totally committed to each other. Plus we both have been wearing a ring on our wedding ring finger since we got serious…a committment ring of sorts.

After getting together after both leaving long term dead and pointless relationships, we promised each other we would really start living our lives. Properly living them, seizing each moment and as part of that each year would travel to a new and exciting foreign place. This year we decided to discover Copenhagen in Denmark which I blogged about here.  Long story short – we absolutely loved the place!

on a boat trip exploring the sights


So back to the event itself – after taking (and leaving) a love lock as a surprise for Russ on a our trip to Barcelona last year, I’d read that there was a pedestrian bridge on the edge of the city where Danish couples came to express their love in the same way.

For those not in the know, love locks have become a global phenomenon.  They are messages of love, written by lovers and locked onto bridges, fences and gates in prominent and iconic spots and the keys then thrown away leaving the message (and the couples declaration of love) locked there forever…

This time I said beforehand that I wanted to do it, and in a lovely touch Russ hand engraved our padlock himself.

The Bryggebroen bridge is tucked behind a large shopping centre, on a street called Havneholmen, and spans the distance between the Danish areas of Kalvebod Brygge and Islands Brygge.  No cars can cross it, so its quiet, clean and elegant.

where it happened


We went to find it hoping it would be just as good as the other love lock spots we’d seen online. Walking over the bridge, gazing along the Sydhavnen (South Harbour) the modern architecture almost blends into the colour of the water and placed every so often along the railings are small groups of padlocks, a stark contrast with their mix of colour strewn across the bridge.  Towards the centre of the bridge the numbers grew and the bridge became full of declarations of love.

Smiling, kissing and laughing (as ever) we placed our lock, declared our love and threw the keys in the river.

And here is our lock…❤️❤️❤️

love locks in Copenhagen Denmark via Always a blue sky girl blog

love locks in Copenhagen Denmark via Always a blue sky girl blog

And then the proposal!  Suddenly looking very serious, Russ asked for my lovely emerald and diamond ring back, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  The feeling of joy was just overwhelming.  As I got ready to answer a Danish jogger ran past smiling and shouted “say yes!” and we both burst out laughing.  It was a perfect moment we’ll both never forget – and of course I said yes!!!

After quite a lot of kissing and cuddling, we then went out for a celebratory dinner, toasted our future, took a romantic walk back to the hotel and did a final bit of celebrating behind closed doors doing what we do best! The rest I’ll leave up to your imagination! 😉😍😉

I feel very lucky to have such love in my life and to have received such a wonderful proposal in such a romantic place and can’t wait to marry the man I love.

And now…wedding planning!  I am a style blogger who is getting married!!!  As you can imagine I want it to be fabulous, so watch this space…

Find my Pinterest wedding boards here here here and here for how its looking so far.


Featured Friday Bloggers: A Blue Sky Girlie

This week I am thrilled to be featured as M&Co.s blogger of the week.  Find my interview with them here…

This week’s Featured Friday blogger is Sarah from Always a Blue Sky Girl. We’ve spotted Sarah styling some of our pieces fabulously on her social channels and though it was time to find out a bit more… 

Introduce us to your blog Sarah…


Coachella Calling

Do you ever buy something, after you’ve fallen in love with it but not know exactly what how you’ll be wearing it?  Well I fell in love with a H&M beach cover-up dress when I was in Copenhagen and just knew I had to have it.  It was only £14.99 so not a huge investment and I figured I’d work out how to style it later. handM loves coachella crochet dress via always a blue sky girl fashion blog  

Well, here we are a few months later and I haven’t worn it yet and its breaking my heart!  I decided to come up with a plan asap and luckily it coincided with a spell of very warm weather (well for the UK anyway).

The main problem was it was totally see through.  While doing my food shopping I noticed George at Asda were selling very basic jersey mini dresses for £3 – basically long vests.  I grabbed a black one (in a size 12 so it wasnt skin tight) and made it into an underslip for the dress.  Voila, my dress was now wearable away from the beach!
HandM loves Coachella lace dress via Always a blue Sky girl fashion blog 
The dress itself is from the ‘H&M loves Coachella’ range. I am wearing a size small which would fit UK 10/12 but it is sized from size XS to XL so UK 6/8 – UK 16/18. It is absolutely lovely and the crochet is beautifully done. This is from a new capsule range bought out to coincide with the Coachella festival in California which H&M has sponsored for the last 6 years. It has a bohemian, laid back, festival vibe to it, perfect for summer.HandM loves Coachella lace dress via Always a blue Sky girl fashion blog 
 handM coachella crichet dress via always a blue sky girl fashion blog  
Make-up was all about a bright coral red lip colour with low key eyes and my hair was just its natural wavy self – I’ve been a bit lazy with the straighteners lately as my hair has been so dry in the sunny weather.HandM loves Coachella lace dress via Always a blue Sky girl fashion blog 
HandM loves Coachella lace dress via Always a blue Sky girl fashion blog 
On my feet, gladiator style sandals in the same bright colour plus red painted toenails.
HandM loves Coachella lace dress via Always a blue Sky girl fashion blog 
And if bare legs are a bit too much (and lets be honest bare legs and mini dresses are only going to work on a very hot UK day) , just throw on a pair of leggings – here I’m wearing my cropped black ones from Matalan. All of a sudden a dress becones a tunic top.HandM loves Coachella lace dress via Always a blue Sky girl fashion blog 

    Why save your beachwear for the beach? Mix it with your daywear and enjoy it wherever you are…!

    Dress – H&M Loves Coachella @ H&M

    Vest dress – George at Asda

    Necklace – Forever21

    Leggings – Matalan

    Sandals – Evans

    SkinnyDip London

    So, who has seen this bag everywhere from the arms of fashion bloggers to the pages of glossy magazines?  Its the fabulously named Unicorn Tears Cross Body Bag and at £28 it wont break the bank either!

    Its by Skinnydip London – an accessories brand launched in 2011 which has managed to open more than 100 concessions in over 60 countries in the last few years, whilst getting on every fashionistas wish list.

    And now the first Skinnydip flagship store has opened at 10 Foubert’s Place just off of Carnaby Street in London selling exclusive products as well as the regular range. 

    I had to check it out and it doesnt disappoint!  The products are wonderful, well made and lovely quality plus there’s photo booth to jump in and record your visit.  

    Its range is so fun and innovative too.  One of the best selling ranges are the customisable products where you can buy a purse, bag or phone case and then add ‘plushie’ stickers to them to make them look however you want.  Stickers start at £4.00 and you can buy everything from letters to spell words to emojis, fruit and retro badges and symbols.As well as the fab new store the range is available as before via Topshop, Debenhams, River Island, Selfridges and ASOS.

    What would you buy?  And if you’ve already fallen in love with Skinnydip London how have you styled your purchases?

    M&Co. multiway maxi dress

    A little while ago I entered the M&Co. summer blogging competition on holiday style (read it here) and came runner up.  As a prize I was asked to pick one of items I blogged for a gift and I chose the Petite multiway maxi dress.
    I thought it was a very wearable dress for summer – today I style it up for wearing on holiday and give my review on it. M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blogSo the details – this dress is part of the M&Co. Petite range and is currently in the summer sale reduced to £16 from £29. It is available in sizes 8-18.  Its made from a lightweight, silky material with smocked elasticated waist and slightly blouson top which has a tightly elasticated top seam.
    M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog
    M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog  M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog  M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog
    The dress has multiway straps (a bit like a bra) which means you can wear it with straps, strapless, as a halterneck or crossed over. The straps themselves were a little fiddly at first and hard to get into place but once set worked well (although I found the end hooks came out of the dress a couple of times which was a little annoying). However a bit like a multiway bra, practise made perfect and I soon got them how I wanted them!M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog
    I ended up with a size 12 after the 10 was too small across the bust and had to be returned. My advice is to go a size bigger than your normal size in M&Co. (which is usually quite generous) if you’re buying from the Petite range and are quite curvy.  At 5’2″, the length was just skimming the floor with flat sandals on, which is how I like a maxi dress – this range is for 5’3″ or below and I’d say just right length wise.

    I teamed it with my cropped white denim jacket bought from M&Co. last season and Accessorize camera novelty bag.  A perfect look for a bit of holiday sightseeing maybe?M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog
    Pinned back wavy hair, red lipstick and my favourite lucky sixpence coin necklace (£1.50 from Primark!) completed the look.  All in all, I found this a versatile dress and liked it particularly as the strapless version – after all who wants strap marks as part of your holiday tan!!!
    M&Co. petite maxi dress review via Always a blue sky girl fashion blog 
    Are you going away soon?  Do you plan your outfits beforehand? Let me know what your summer holiday styling looks like.

    Maxi dress – M&Co. Petite*
    Denim jacket – M&Co.
    Necklace – Primark
    Bag – Accessorize
    Sandals – New Look

    Wearing Teen Ranges

    If you follow my Instagram you’ll probably of noticed I wear quite a lot of kids clothes.  This has started in the last few years or so.

    Being 5’2″ in height, teen ranges often fit my height much better than any main range, and petite ranges are not as common as you would think.  After losing weight a few years ago I realised that my size 10/12 frame seemed to fit a lot of the older sizes of some kidswear ranges and to be honest I kind of like some of the clothes better!

    So can you get away with wearing a kidswear piece of fashion when you are 40 plus?
    I think you can!  You need to follow a few rules though and here are my 5…

    1.  Can I pull this off?  Just as you’d look at a piece of main range fashion you need to ask yourself if the design is appropriate for you. Sadly for me now in my 40’s, certain super cute prints like Hello Kitty that I wore in my 20’s now look rather out of place, however each to their own and if you love it, then go for it!  I’m still rather partial to a fun print t-shirt though and find more ‘classic’ designs like Disney, smiley faces, retro logos etc all work really well – if you feel great in it then do it!

    2.  Will it be too short?  Its great to not have to alter stuff but then again wearing a dress that is super short is probably not the best idea. Consider wearing it as a top or with leggings underneath instead.

    3.  Will my boobs fit in it?  The amount of items I’ve had to pass on because of my D cup bust!  If you are busty you may have to look for items that are more stretchy instead.

    4.  Not all ranges are created equal.  Make sure you try everything on.  An age 13/14yrs might fit in one store but be tiny in another, the same goes with length.  Most teen ranges go up to 15/16yrs so make sure you shop around.

    5.  Stick to certain types of clothes.  Unless you are very petite, skinny jeans and other very fitted items are a no no.  Look for items where the design makes them boxy or more voluminous.  Also look out for shoes and boots which often go up to a size 5 or even 6.

    And as a final plus, in the UK its all 20% cheaper due to being VAT free!  

    And here are a selection of some of the teen ranges I’ve worn.

    Tammy Girl cropped t-shirt – a boxy shape means a easy fit regardless of it being size 152-158 (12/13yrs) and I love that this is actually cropped on me whereas most adult cropped tops sit on my hips in the most totally unflattering way.

    Love Australia UGG boots –
    When I wanted a pair of Kensingtons I realised the kids size 5’s where over £100 less in price!  And the only difference?  They are a tiny bit shorter (as am I!) and have a zip, which I actually prefer.

    Tammy Girl strapless maxi dress –  
    I love maxi dresses but often they don’t love me – to buy a dress and not have to shorten it is a dream!  A stretchy strapless dress like this in size 164-170cm (14/15 yrs) fits perfectly.

    915 for New Look shoes – as a size 5 most kids ranges have shoes in my size.  I hate high heels so its a great way to find dressy low heeled shoes and sandals.  I might not like high heels but I do love a party shoe!

    M&S indigo jumpsuit – A great length, although it was a little tight on the bust at first.  Being cotton it had give in it so after a bit of wear (and slight stretching!) it was perfect. This one is age 13/14 years.

    M&Co. Kylie necklace –  obviously this is one size but kids jewellery ranges have some nice little pieces and my nickname is Panda!

    915 at New Look jumper – age 14/15 years.  This was an example of trying items on as some of the range came up very small.

    Store Twenty One Christmas tops – Both in age 11-12 fitted me at a size 10-12!  The green top is a boys one so dont forget to have a look in the boys ranges too!


    So, are you ready to have a browse in the kids section the next time you go shopping?

    All these photos are from my Instagram – Follow it here for fashion, style, my life and loves and all the things I find beautiful. ‘Style it Like a Pro’ day

    As you probably know I’m recently engaged and as a stylist the look of my wedding is a big deal – to be honest the look of EVERYTHING is important to me!

    As well as blogging here I also write inspiration blogs on wedding styling and have styled a couple of real life weddings, so new wedding ranges and trends are always of interest.  

    When I heard about‘s Style it like a Pro event I was really excited.  The chance to meet some other like-minded bloggers, see the new ranges and also see some styling ideas in practice.  

    As a trained stylist I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new but it was a great refresher and definitely made me get excited about weddings!  Seeing all the products, being able to touch and feel them plus see the gorgeous looks set up in real life was great.  

    So what were the in-house stylist’s top tips for styling a wedding display?  

    • Firstly always consider three main things when styling – height, detail and texture
    • Once you have those in your display then think about colour and theme.  Three of their main trends were shown to us – Industrial, Vintage & Woodland.  The boho side of me defintely liked the rustic, fairytale look of Woodland the best but they were all lovely.
    • Look to use a small amount of alternative ideas, such as mixing themes or repurposing items e.g. cake toppers as ornaments or cupcake holders holding decorative accents or candles.
    • If you’re mixing things together then make sure you keep a constant.  If you mix themes for example keep the colour palette the same.
    • Finally, make it personal – this is your wedding, pick things you love and make it beautiful in your own way.

    I had great fun Instgram’ing all the pretty stuff I spied… style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

    Even the refreshments were beautiful – imagine having these lovely things at your wedding reception… style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl wedding style it like a pro blogger day via always a blue sky girl

    Here are some of my favourite items from the day…

    Industial look table centrepiece – I love the starkness of the galvanised metal and chalkboard area for information, plus the flowers add a pretty and fresh element. style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

    Lace parasol – the intricate detail of this full sized parasol was so beautiful and perfect for shading the bride or her guests at a summer wedding.  There’s also a mini version that can be used as a display piece that is super cute. style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

    Embracing bear cake toppers – These ceramic bears are actually designed to sit on top of the wedding cake but used as decorative pieces within the Woodland theme looked just adorable. style it like a pro day wedding products via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

    We were told that around 75% of the products are developed in-house for some unique style you wont find anywhere else.  Great for all of us who want to be unique…and lets be honest everyone wants that on their wedding day.  I definitely was impressed with the range and will be persuing the website soon for a few key pieces for myself…Hey, I am engaged!  Look out for them styled in further blogs.

    *********************************************** has teamed up with some of the leading UK wedding brands to provide one lucky couple with a stunning prize package in their Win Your Wedding competition.  The winner will receive the key components needed to have the wedding of their dreams, without the hefty price tag up to the value of a huge £40000!

    Enter the competition today for your chance to win – I have!  Find it on the website here.  The winning couple will receive…*takes a deep breath*

    • Reception Venue courtesy of Big Chief Tipi
    • Wedding Photography courtesy of Jenny Martin Photography
    • Discounted Wedding Photography courtesy of Portobello Picture Co
    • Bridal Makeup courtesy of Made Up Makeup and Beauty
    • Caviar courtesy of Kings Fine Food
    • Bridal Lingerie courtesy of StephieAnn Design
    • Wedding Album courtesy of Illustries
    • Wedding Transportation courtesy of Transformer Cars
    • Flower Girl Dress courtesy of Poppy England
    • Bridal Dressing courtesy of Bridal Dressing by Angela
    • Wedding Stationery, Veil, Wedding Favours, Ceremony Accessories, Table and Venue Decor, Personalised Decor and Venue Styling courtesy of
    • Thank You Flowers for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom
    • Bridal Shoes courtesy of Crystal Bridal Accessories
    • Bridesmaid Jewellery courtesy of Tigerlily Jewellery
    • Wedding Caricature Entertainment courtesy of The Wedding Artist
    • Fabric flower bouquet courtesy of Daphne Rosa
    • Photo Scarves x3 courtesy of My Story Gifts
    • Groom and Usher Suits courtesy of Stephen Bishop Suiting
    • Wedding celebration recipe book courtesy of Recipe Gift Book
    • Speech Writing Services courtesy of Great Speech Writing
    • Bridal Headwear courtesy of Cata Vassalo
    • Reception Entertainment courtesy of Warble Entertainment
    • Boudoir Photography Session courtesy of Divine Divas
    • Videography courtesy of Shoot it Yourself
    • Male Shaving Hamper x4 courtesy of Dalit Goods Co.
    • Spa break and beauty package for two courtesy of Ardencote Manor
    • Doodle Duvet and Pens Bundle courtesy of Eat Sleep Doodle
    • Photobooth courtesy of Picture Blast
    • Bridal Gown courtesy of Eternity Bridal
    • Wedding Dress Storage courtesy of Empty Box Company
    • Cyprus Honeymoon courtesy of Kanika Hotels
    • Bridesmaid Dresses courtesy of Alexia Designs
    • Bridal Coaching Hen Party courtesy of The Bridal Coach
    • Stag Party courtesy of StagWeb
    • Hen Party courtesy of GoHen
    • Silk Flowers courtesy of Petals Polly
    • Live Band courtesy of earcandy
    • Wedding Bands courtesy of Beaverbrooks
    • Wedding Coordination courtesy of Black Pearl Weddings
    • First Anniversary Short Break courtesy of SuperBreak
    • Mobile Bar courtesy of Mambo Mobile Bars
    • Table Top Love Letter Lights courtesy of The White Bulb
    • A Bespoke Wedding Memory Book courtesy of Memeoirs
    • Wedding Macaron Favours courtesy of Anyonita Nibbles

    Now thats an impressive prize!

      Totally Tropical Taste

      I’m partial to a jumpsuit. I blogged about styling a more formal one here recently and have quite a few in my wardrobe. 

      Today I’m wearing a rather bold one from Primark.  This is the kind of piece you can only get away with on a sunny day.  But hey, its summer and its fantastic to be able to wear bright colours and bold prints.

      For sizing I’m wearing a 10 but like most Primark clothes they are available in size 6-20.  The print is strong but the background of navy blue keeps it from looking too bright.

      primark tropical palm print jumpsuit via Always A Blue Sky girl fashion blogI’ve teamed it with a vintage green leather belt and wedge sandals for a bit of height.  I find a jumpsuit or playsuit always looks better when worn with a heel, even a low one. (I hate high heels!) primark tropical palm print jumpsuit via Always A Blue Sky girl fashion blog  
      primark tropical palm print jumpsuit via Always A Blue Sky girl fashion blog  primark tropical palm print jumpsuit via Always A Blue Sky girl fashion blog 
      As ever this jumpsuit was far too long on me so I have shortened it and added another press stud to the cross over front where it gaped on my shorter frame.  Ah the joys of being 5’2″!!! 

      As an extra bit of co-ordination I’ve added these palm leaf earrings from Primark. They are available instore now reduced to just 50p and perfect for hot summer days!


      All I need now is a Pina Colada and a hammock and I’ll be sorted!   Are you embracing jumpsuits this summer?

      Jumpsuit – Primark

      Earrings – Primark

      Belt – vintage

      Sandals – New Look

      Walls Ice Cream does fashion…

      I love a great collaboration and when I heard ASOS were working with retro favourite Walls Ice Cream I knew whatever they would create was going to be lots of fun.

      The result is a 16-piece collection inspired by our favourite retro ice lollies, including Twisters, Rocket lollies, Feasts and Mini Milks.

      It launched the first week of June and features crop tops, sequinned mini-dresses, jumpsuits, phone cases, novelty clutch bags, shoes and nail art.

      My faves :

      Embellished shirt (currently sold out) – £85.00
      Crop top – £22.00.  Mini skirt – £25.00

       Feast clutch bag – £20.00.  Beaded rocket lolly bag – £35.00

      Phone case – £12.00  Twister socks – £4.00.  Shoes – £50.00 (currently sold out) 
      All photos via ASOS 

      If these are a bit above your budget how about these other Walls branded beauties?

      Primark are selling these Lip Smackers lip balms for just £2.50 each.

      Tesco Direct have napkin, plates and cups perfect for a summer party or BBQ starting at just £1.52  source

      And while I await my fashion treats, I already have some fabulous Walls homeware items myself including fridge magnets and cushions as seen below…   This summer is truly the summer of the ice cream!  Are you as in love with the Walls Ice Cream ranges as I am?