New Years Eve thoughts

I’m not one for new years resolutions as I’ve broken far too many in the past but I do believe in challenging & pushing yourself and my hopes for 2015 are just to continue in the same direction.

I’ve worked so hard this year in my fitness and trying to continue a career while settling a new home/family. 2014 has been a great year – Russ and I bought our first house together, our relationship has gone from strength to strength, we travelled and we had so much fun.

I started this blog while writing some great paid blogs for others and I ran 3 times a week every week. My body changed as did my mind and I’m so happy with the results.

Our kids are all happy and our life is now full of potential, something it wasn’t before. Each year I wonder if this loved up feeling will wane but its still going strong and long may it continue! It is a wonderful feeling to feel someone adores you, is totally wrapped up in you, thinks you are the sexiest and most gorgeous woman around…and thats how he makes me feel.

Life isn’t easy, I’m not totally where I want to be, but I consider myself very lucky to have all this. Yes, I worked for it, but I am grateful and will never take it for granted…

Have a wonderful night tonight whatever you are doing and heres to 2015!

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