My skirt is better than your skirt…(sort of!)

Ok, its probably not – but let me start by saying I am in love with this skirt. Properly. Yes its a bit weird but I’m ok with it. Fashion is a love affair after all!!!

I bought this Kew skirt a few years back but have never been small enough to fit into it. But this year with my metamorphosis into a runner and some dieting, my body has slimmed down and finally I can get myself into a size 10 fixed waist…yay!!!

Its a little tricky to wear for a petite girl so I co-ordinated it with a fitted white shirt, navy fitted jumper and Forever21 necklace. Its a heavyweight check with fringed hem in an A-line maxi shape.




Its a perfect choice for Winter and I think I’m going to wear it quite a bit till Spring.

Shirt – Matalan
Jumper- BHS
Skirt – Kew (now part of Jigsaw)
Necklace – Forever21

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