BOB by DOP Pop Up Shop

When I heard the Dawn O’Porter was launching another BOB pop up shop to tie in with Septembers London Fashion Week I jumped at the change to visit. Last season when it was in Seven Dials I hadn’t been able to get into London and had been really disappointed I had missed it.

The shop is located on Newburgh Street just off of Carnaby Street.  

As well as her BOB range (new and last season items that are now in the sale) there’s a fantastic range of handpicked vintage clothing ranging from around £40 up to over £500. If you’re wondering what £500 buys you it buys the most AMAZING designer Courreges cream floor length cape that I looked at in awe… And then there was my dream skirt – the ‘Jane’ paper planes skirt. It has a print featuring stationary, Fab lollies, paper planes and Wotsits!!!! Do you remember I blogged about it back in December? Even though it is utterly wonderful, at £180 I just couldnt justify the cost while I am at home with my son and not earning much…

But as it was last season its now in the sale and with 70% off noless! In the shop they only had a small and large and even though I managed to squeeze myself into the small it was very tight – I’d say the small is a size  8/10 whereas the medium is more a 10/12. Dawn was really helpful and suggested I ordered it online and the next day I did just that! With delivery charges it came to £59.50.

It arrived beautifully packaged in tissue paper and in this gorgeous black box…Here is a close up of its brilliant Karen Mabon designed print – perfectly observed if you attended school in the 80s/early 90s…  

And this is me in the skirt I’ve coveted for far too long… The newer designs of this skirt are now sized in generic dress sizes 8-14 which I think makes it much easier to find your size. Find the new designs here.   

When I visited Dawn was in store and greeted me with a cheery “Hi! Ooh I LOVE your skirt!” (I was wearing a long leopard print maxt skirt) She was lovely and really helpful and chatty. I had to get my photo taken with her too – I love her TV shows and follow her avidly on Instagram. She is wearing the BOB ‘Kirstin’ dress here – the Toucan filled tropical print is adorable and you can buy it via the website here


Get down there quick before it shuts its doors till next season…

BOB boutique: 8 Newburgh Street, London
Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm 
Sunday 12pm-5pm

The Jane skirt by BOB by Dawn O’Porter

I have fallen in love. With a skirt – a stunning one of a kind skirt – actually two of them!

A few months ago when Dawn O’Porter announced she was launching a fashion line my ears pricked by. I love her style and I think she’s done great work making vintage cool to a whole new market and showing how good it can look. In the last few years since writing afor some vintage businesses  I’ve embraced vintage fashion myself and now wear quite a lot of vintage pieces.

The BOB range is a collection of dresses and skirts based on vintage shapes but for a modern customer. And it looks great. The ‘Jane’ skirt is an A-line skirt in 4 Karen Mabon prints. They are cool, clever and funny. My favourites are ‘Quotes’ which has images of book pages and post-it notes with quotes by Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson and Emily Brönte and ‘Paper Planes’ – a design based on 90’s school including Fab ice lollies, highlighter pens, Wotsits and pencils. This 90’s school one with its brilliant random items all over it is my overall favourite – its such a talking piece!
IMG_5500.PNG</br />


Heres the close ups of the prints – they are amazing!


At £180 each they are not cheap but this isn’t disposable fashion – you would wear these skirt for ever.

There are 2 other designs available – ‘Geese in Flight’ and ‘Dog Walkers’ and I can imagine depending on your personal loves they’ll be really popular too.

Buy it at – the website also has a great vintage section.

Let me know if you love these skirts as much as I do. Now I just need to save up!!!