Dress up June

This June my friend and colleague, Kate Beavis from Kate Beavis Vintage (formally Your Vintage Life) and the Vintage Wedding Fair encouraged people to dig out their dressier items (vintage or not) and dress up for June.  She had discovered a ton of vintage clothes she’d had stored away and was determined to make good use of them from now on. 

I love dressing up so joining in was a no-brainer for me! This was one of my outfit choices…

dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky Girl 

The dress is a textured, fitted print dress from Dorothy Perkins.  For sizing I am wearing a 10 but DP dresses are all available in size 8-22. This dress has a nice stretch to it so is tight on the top and flares out prom skirt style at the waist creating a very feminine shape.dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky Girl  
Accessories were a gold structured necklace and simple gold toe quilted pumps in a nude colour. When wearing a pattern I think its important to not add too much extra pattern or colour as it can look busy.
dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky Girl  
dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky GirlAs the weathers still a bit temperamental in the UK I added a white cropped denim jacket bought from M&Co. last summer for going out. Again, for sizing its a size 10 but M&Co. jackets are available in sizes 10-20.dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky Girl  

dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky GirlMy hair was just tied up into a loose bun and I was make-up free. Hey, I work from home – I dont wear make-up every day!dress up june photo bt blueskygirlie via Always a Blue Sky GirlThis month tag your looks using the hashtag #dressupjune and search the hashtag via Instagram and Twitter to get inspiration on other peoples outfits.  I’ll be adding more ‘outfit of the day’s as the month goes on.  Have fun with it and remember a beautiful dress (or blouse, or jacket, or necklace) is for life, not just for Christmas!!!

Jacket – M&Co.

Dress – Dorothy Perkins

Necklace – Store Twenty One

Shoes – Peacocks

Pulling myself back together…

I’ve been ill. For two days I’ve felt terrible and then today a miracle – I woke up and I was well again! Now, Liz Taylor famously said “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together” and thats what I was going to do…

For me fashion isn’t just about looking good on the outside, its about feeling good on the inside too. If you wear something you love you feel better, more confident and happier – end of. I personally need fashion to feel the full version of ‘me’.

So today I decided to dress myself to feel great and went for a silver foil print tulip skirt and statement long pearl necklace worn with a simple black polo neck and boots. I hadn’t worn make up for a few days so just doing my usual routine (I don’t wear a lot of make-up) made me feel so much better. Its interesting how a few little touches can make all the difference. The reflective silver in the skirt and the beauty of the Chanel inspired pearl and flower necklace all seem to lift my mood and I feel so much better.



I think Liz would approve!
What do you do to feel great? Does fashion have the same effect on you? I couldn’t live with it and its effects.

Jumper – M&Co
Skirt – Be Beau @ Matalan
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – Store 21

Pearly Queen

Todays outfit is a Primark double whammy. I’m wearing the green batwing top I got a month or so back in the Primark sale (see my sale haul blog here) with my new chunky pearl necklace I got last week.
The necklace has been a long time coming! I saw it last year in the press and then never saw it again. Zara had a very similar one which I adored but couldn’t justify the money and then last week in Lakeside, for just £3, there it was! My hunt was finally over!

I added Dorothy Perkins washed black petite skinny jeans and Dorothy Perkins buckle boots. The jeans are another new purchase. I’ve been trying really hard to lose my final bit of weight (I’ve lost nearly 7 stone in total) and needed a some size 10 jeans as my 12 are getting a bit baggy. I wanted tight…but in a good way! With a boxy shape top you needed a slim silhouette on your legs for balance.
I also added a green eyeshadow to my normal make-up.




I’m not going to fall out of love with green anytime soon and as for pearls – they go with anything, look great and have a classic style to them that just can’t be beaten. The perfect stylists accessory.

Top – Primark
Necklace – Primark
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins Petite
Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Buttoned Up

Today’s outfit its based on a quirky look using stripes and an oversized button brooch. I have recently been watching American Horror Story: Freakshow and the costume design is AMAZING! Something about the stripes inspired me today (I have also bought a ringmaster style frock coat but more on that in future blogs!!!). Its 1950’s mixed with circus theming mixed with fashion must haves styling is on-point! Trust me.

I teamed a black and white striped shirt with navy blue fitted jumper, my trusty Bailey skinny jeans and black buckled boots. I added an oversized button brooch and my look was complete!


I got the brooch from Etsy ( with a couple of others) and love its cute, retro look. Teamed with the navy jumper it forms a rather nice, complete look – like its part of the jumper.

A simple everyday look thats a little bit different – thats why I love fashion styling.

Shirt – New Look
Jumper – BHS
Brooch – Etsy
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Leopard print Loving…

It’s got cold. Bitterly cold. And I really feel the cold! Thankfully I love coats…I have quite a few and view them as much part of my outfit as any other bit of it. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes every day, so why would you wear the same coat?

Last year I managed to buy the most amazing vintage faux leopard coat from a charity shop for the princely sum of just £5. Its a 1950’s coat I’d guess, probably hand-made as it has no makers labels and has an adorable peter pan collar, wide sleeves and a slight swing shape.
So with the wintery weather almost ever present, the coat is out again. I wore it the other day dressed all in black so it stood out. I styled it with knee boots and a black knitted beret style hat. I felt super cosy and also quite fabulous! Meow!!!


I think this coat, although it’s practically a pensioner in age, will be used for many years to come and I’m thrilled to be giving it a second lease of life!

Coat – vintage
Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – Topshop
Hat – Primark

And just as a note – this coat just looks like leopard – it’s definitely not made from one!!! I would never wear that…