Pretending I’m in a Cecil Beaton photo…

Today I’m wearing a very fitted Primark lurex tweed dress that has box pleats on the waist to make the skirt flare out. Its very 1950’s looking and gives an hourglass shape that makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of a black and white movie! The black wool tweed is very sparkly and quite festive too! I’ve teamed it with a pearl and gilt necklace and a fitted black long sleeve top underneath as its December and of course opaque tights and leather ankle boots.

I love this look and feel very feminine and elegant in it. Great when its two bargain fast fashion purchases as well.

I shot it in black and white for the full Hollywood glamour effect LOL!!! What do you think?

Dress: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Top: Matalan

Obi belt

Being quite small and curvy I always look best if I’ve cinched in my waist. When I was much bigger than I am now, I had a dress with a great oriental style belt that someone told me was called an Obi belt. An obi belt is based on a Japanese style sash belt used for traditional dress that wraps round the body and ties at the front in a bow or knot.

I’ve been looking for a new one for a while and when I came across this one from Krisp clothing for only £5.99 it was a no-brainer! If you cant get to a store they have a great eBay shop which is where I got mine from.
If you order online it comes in the most adorable packaging with a promo code for your next purchase. I love little touches like that.

The belt is one size and wraps from front to back so would fit a variety of different sizes. I would say that my waist at size 10/12 and about 29″ is about as small as it would go without it wrapping over double at the back and looking quite bulky. You could still do it though I just personally wouldn’t like the gathering.
I teamed mine with a bright patterned South dress from, black tights and black boots.

Dress: South at Very
Belt: Krisp Clothing