Still Running

Someone asked me the other day how I motivate myself to keep running. They wanted to run, in fact they could run a 5k OK, but they couldn’t motivate themselves to do it regularly so it wasnt having any effect.

It got me thinking – how have I bucked the trend and run 3 times a week every week for the last 2 years come rain or shine and havent given up?

Well firstly its definitely not due to any physical prowess! Let me be clear – I still find running hard – I’m tired at the end and I definitely dont look forward to it.  But the thing I’m best at is never missing a run, so these are my 5 tips for not just starting running, but keeping running…

1) Treat it like a commitment you cant get out of – when you get up for work in the morning not going in isn’t an option you consider even if you’d rather stay in bed. I treat running the same way. I have ‘running days’ that fit around my work and childcare schedule and think of them as an appointment in the day that is non-negotiable. This change in how I think about them makes them a ‘have to’ rather than a ‘might do’.

2) Provide yourself with tools that make it easier – buy yourself some bits of clothing that mean youre not reliant on good weather. Any gaps for excuses is dangerous.  A hat, snood and gloves for winter and sunglasses, vest and water bottle for summer.  We can all make excuses to get out of doing things but dont give yourself the option. Carry an ipod or phone with you and listen to music or an audiobook – if you can find ways to make yourself feel more comfortable within the act of actually running it wont seem so hard.

3) Get to know your body – your body is a machine and you need to treat it as such. Know when you’ll be running and make sure you eat a decent meal beforehand. Dont leave it too late though, everyone is different but I would suggest a gap of least 2 hours so you dont feel like youre going to see your food again! Stay hydrated too and then take some water with you particularly in the summer and you will find running so much easier. If youre a woman don’t push yourself too hard at certain times of the month – a slow steady run is still a run. And finally a small thing but its mega important, ALWAYS make sure you use the loo before you leave 🙈.

4) Revel in your acheivements and be proud!  Hey, youve done something amazing. Realise that. It shocks me how many people do no exercise at all – I used to be one of them. Share your run on social media – you might get the odd sarky comment but you know what? People that do that are just jealous (and usually doing no exercise themselves) and on the whole I find friends very supportive. Join a running community online or find followers via Strava – kudos from others can be a powerful tool.  And if all else fails treat yourself to a favourite dessert or treat with dinner that night…after all the more you run the more you can eat!!!

5) Push yourself and acheive some ‘bucket list’ goals – when I started running just the idea of running a 5k without stopping was my only goal but as I’ve gone on (and its got easier) my goals have become bigger. Trying to get better times, running with others and recently doing my first organised run – a daunting concept for me – a charity Colour Run where we got pelted with paint powder as we ran. That had been on my bucket list so I was very proud…plus I got my first running medal!

Dont wait for January with the New Years resolutions losers, or during a short-lived health kick, or even wait till Monday, start now. And then, most importantly, DO. NOT. STOP.

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I am a runner, hear me roar!!!

I am a runner.  I run 5k (3.5 miles ish) 3 times a week. Not a big deal?  Actually it is.

Two years ago I couldnt run for 5 minutes. And 5 years ago I was more than 90lb heavier than I am now. So to me its a huge deal…and I’m very proud of myself.

I run obsessively.  I rarely miss a run and run regardless of weather, illness or date (I even ran on Boxing Day). Me and my fiancé even do runs on our holidays – we’ve done runs in France, Spain & Denmark so far!!! It has changed my life…as well as my body – in the last year my weight hasn’t changed much but I’ve gone from a UK 12/14 to a size 10.  My anxiety (which I’ve suffered from for as long as I can remember) has pretty much disappeared and I feel for the first time, totally in control of my body and health.

But today lets talk clothing – what to wear for running when you love your clothes.  Fashion is one thing but running gear needs to be fit for purpose, so I stick one one brand – Karrimor.  I buy it via Sports Direct where it is greatly reduced and in my opinion its just great – many runners swear by the brand.  Its tight fitting but great! 

On my feet I wear Puma Descendent’s – I have 2 pairs I alternate, one older black and pink pair and a newer white and pink pair (more for summer) plus supportive/padded running socks.


Fitted long sleeve running top – this is great as a base layer or as a top when its a bit colder. For summer, short sleeve versions are available (plus vests for the 3 days in the year its hot enough 😄).  Whats great about them? Bright colour and reflective stripes for visibility, mesh panels to help the body breathe and a tight fit that wont stretch or go out of shape. 

karrimor running clothing via blueskygirlie at Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

karrimor running clothing via blueskygirlie at Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

Running tights – yes they are a bit scary if you have a few lumps and bumps you want to hide, but my view is, if anyone dared to make a comment youre the one running and theyre the ones sitting on their lardy asses! They are strangely flattering actually and where they are tight they act like shapewear.  Whats great about them?  Zipped back pocket, reflective details, zips at ankles.

karrimor running clothing via blueskygirlie at Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

Hat and headband –  whether is cold or hot these do the job.  A hat is imperative in the winter and I love the headband to cover my ears on windy days when my hair is tied back. Whats great about them?  Reversible hat (pink is great for visibilty), a tight fit that wont stretch or go out of shape. 

karrimor running clothing via blueskygirlie at Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

Underwear – you definitely can’t start running without a sports bra!  That and trainers are the two things you can’t do without. I personally find Berlei bras really good and use a non wired version that you can also wear as a crop top. High impact is definitely the way to go. Obviously depends on your bust size but as I’ve still got D cup boobs I need them contained! Pants wise I’m still working on finding the perfect solution LOL. Some runners adocate going commando but I’m not so sure.  My view currently is to wear seamless high waist pants that wont ride up or be too fussy – not sexy but hey, youre working out.  Plus your bum is going to look a lot sexier in the long run!!! 

Vest & cropped leggings – in the summer I go lightweight as I can’t stand being too hot. Capri leggings or shorts are perfect and a vest replaces my normal runnung tops.

Whats great about them?  Breathable panels, zipped back pocket.


 Trainers –  Puma Descendents.  Whats great about them?  Lightweight, supportive, breathable mesh toe section.

Puma Descendent trainers via blueskygirlie at Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

Puma Descendent trainers via blueskygirlie at Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

Fitness clothes do not have to be expensive – my last pair of trainers cost less than £20 and the running pieces start from around £4 at Sports Direct.  A word of warning though, once you buy a few bits you just cant stop building up your running wardrobe!

If I’ve inspired you to try running at all I’d recommend the c25k app which trains you from walking to doing a full 5k run (and beyond).  I was terrified but it really works. Give it a go, it might change your life!

All clothing – Karrimor via Sports Direct

Sports bra – Berlei 

Trainers – Puma 

March birthday wish list

It’s my birthday month.  Did I mention that? Oh I did?  A lot?  Yeah I do that… Heres my list of the things I am currently coveting, desperately searching for or if I’m lucky, receiving this March.  Did I mention its my birthday?

As someone who has lost a lot of weight and now runs 5k 3 times a week, Karrimor clothing plays a big part in my life.  This bright zip up fleece will see me through chillier runs as is a total bargain reduced to just £8.99.

I’m obsessive about my underwear matching and a pretty set always works (plus the other half appreciates it too!).  Debenhams has an adorable hearts lingerie set by Floozie at £32.50 for the set which I think is super cute and feminine. 

I love GIRLS (the HBO show) and this £7.99 TK Maxx Red Nose Day journal with Hannahs amazingly arrogant and hilarious quote is just fantastic.  Plus you’re donating to a great charity at the same time.  Actually, thinking about it, maybe I am the voice of my generation….😂

As a ‘Blue Sky Girl’ I HAD to have these Cath Kidston collaboration Gola trainers after I saw them at the Press Show.  At £65.00 they are more than I would usually spend but luckily I’m getting them from my partner for my birthday present.  And gosh I just adore them – expect to see them in many Instagrams. I love the entire ‘Clouds’ range and hopefully will get a few of the home bits too.

I’m a dinky 5’2″ so this £7.99 New Look Petite t-shirt makes me smile.  Great to throw on with a pair of jeans and some trainers.

The Jenny Mollen book ‘I like you just the way I am’ looks so funny. She is just wonderful!  Still not got it (it was on my Feb wish list LOL) and at £16.99 (thats the cover price so will be cheaper online) is money well spent IMO.

This New Look sleeveless coat is something I want so badly but is currently out of stock online.  I will now start a desperate search around all the stores in the south east – you are killing me New Look!  Its £39.99 if you can find it

Sia – 1000 forms of Fear CD.  I’m getting this as part of my birthday present from my sister and I can’t wait.  Her music is just perfection – Elastic Heart has been one of my favourite songs of 2015 so far.

This eBay cat jumper is an aquired taste but I love it.  I do like a piece if clothing with a sense of humour – and it’s bargain at a tenner too. Meow!!! 

I saw this Lavish Alice Cape blazer worn by another blogger and fell in love with it.  A real statement piece but something I think you’d wear forever.  £54.00 at ASOS and just so sophisticated. 

So, birthday or no birthday, has any of that got you wanting to shop? Whats on your shopping list this March?  

All images sourced via the website linked on the text.