Obi belt

Being quite small and curvy I always look best if I’ve cinched in my waist. When I was much bigger than I am now, I had a dress with a great oriental style belt that someone told me was called an Obi belt. An obi belt is based on a Japanese style sash belt used for traditional dress that wraps round the body and ties at the front in a bow or knot.

I’ve been looking for a new one for a while and when I came across this one from Krisp clothing for only £5.99 it was a no-brainer! If you cant get to a store they have a great eBay shop which is where I got mine from.
If you order online it comes in the most adorable packaging with a promo code for your next purchase. I love little touches like that.

The belt is one size and wraps from front to back so would fit a variety of different sizes. I would say that my waist at size 10/12 and about 29″ is about as small as it would go without it wrapping over double at the back and looking quite bulky. You could still do it though I just personally wouldn’t like the gathering.
I teamed mine with a bright patterned South dress from, black tights and black boots.

Dress: South at Very
Belt: Krisp Clothing