Another way to say thank you with Cadburys Roses

On Saturday I had the chance to have the most lovely experience in London thanks to Cadbury’s Roses.

On a quiet street at the back of Oxford Street just opposite Soho Square, this gorgeous pop-up shop was hiding, waiting to share its beautiful thank-you with anyone who happened to pop in.

It looked absolutely adorable, from its 3D flowery signage right down to the vintage style yellow bike outside.

Once inside it got even better…

Set up like a high end florist, each classic Roses flavour had its own hand-made paper rose with the chocolate hidden inside surrounded by foil petals. I’m a Strawberry Cream and County Fudge kinda girl…what are your favourites?

The idea was you could pick one flower, write a thank you note to someone special and then take it away for free to gift to the person you wanted to say thank you to.

The pop up shop was created by GoLin PR Agency and Bearded Kitten Events with 7000 hand-made flowers created by set designer Tamara D’Silva and her team and was really lovely – a chocolate florist shop…it doesn’t get much cuter than that! As a creative, I love seeing a concept delivered really well and the shop was utter event/pop up perfection! I believe its due to go on tour around the UK so keep your eyes peeled for it in your city!

I had my son Reuben with me and he wanted to say his ‘thank you’ to me. I saw him chatting to the lovely ladies running the shop and the next thing I knew he had a huge bouquet in his arms for me! See the video below…

And this was his message to me…*heart almost bursts with love*. What a wonderful treat.

I think its fair to say I was very pleased with my bouquet of chocolate Roses (one of every flavour no less!). I mean, look at how I’m looking at them

Cadburys Roses Thanks a Bunch Another Way to Say Thank you 80th chocolate pop up event

Cadburys Roses Thanks a Bunch Another Way to Say Thank you 80th chocolate pop up event

Cadburys Roses Thanks a Bunch Another Way to Say Thank you 80th chocolate pop up event

The real reason for all this loveliness? Well that’s lovely too –  Cadbury’s have created a limited edition Roses tin to mark the chocolates 80th anniversary. Can you believe Roses have been around for 80 years? The retro vintage design tins feature a variety of coloured roses surrounded by ribbon-style banners against the traditional ‘Cadbury Roses Blue’ background. The design is really nostalgic and reminds me of a Nana’s sewing tin! On that note, sustainability has also played a key role in the decision to opt for metal packaging for the once-in-a-lifetime celebration tins. Its definitely not something you’d ever throw away – I mean, look how pretty it is…

Find your limited edition 800g tin exclusively in Tesco now! Its RRP is £9.99 although it was just £8.00 when I checked while writing this blog post. A total bargain I say!

And thank you to Cadburys for making me feel so happy and giving my wonderful son the opportunity to say thank you to me! If you’d like to say thank to someone too, I think the vintage tin would be a lovely way to say thank you to someone special this winter.

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for your support this year, following my little blog/Instagram/Facebook page and joining me on this journey.  I started this blog at the end of 2014 as an outlet for my creativity at a time when I had very little opportunity to be creative and with an aim to help me grow my confidence about myself and share that with other women while showing that age did not define style.

Just over a year later and 2016 has been a real year of change for me…a new job, changes in my personal life meaning I have had to focus much more on my son and his needs and then, out of the blue, some amazing opportunities linked to my Instagram and blog.

I have also learnt this year not everyone is on your side, in fact some people can be downright nasty, but getting toxic people out of your life is never a bad thing. It can hurt of course, but experiences like that just make you love your supporters (whether they are family, friends or strangers you only talk to via the internet) even more and I am very lucky to have a wonderfully supportive partner and some loyal and loving family and friends.

I am really proud of what I have achieved this year. I have found my place at work and created a role that really suits me, grown my blog and Instagram followers, worked hard at keeping my blended family happy and full of love, continued my fitness journey by keeping up my running every week (over 450 miles run this year!) and topped the year off by filming an advert for Garnier! 

I wish you all a wonderful holiday period and a healthy and happy 2017!  I’m off to eat some more Quality Street…

Thank You!

Merry Christmas to all my readers both via the blog and via social media. Thank you for the support over the last year as this baby blog has found its feet and grown – I can’t believe ‘Always a Blue Sky Girl’ is over a year old now!  Here’s to a stylish and wonderful 2016 and another year of blogging! Love, Sarah xx

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