Prince of Wales check – vintage style

Sometimes a fashion item is just EVERYWHERE. Now, I love to update my wardrobe but I also love a bargain. When everyone started wearing Prince of Wales check blazers I wanted one too. I tried on the £17 one in Primark but it looked terrible on me, I tried on the £65 Topshop one but couldn’t justify the money. So what is a girl to do?

Well in the case of an item which is a re-do of a style from the past you choose vintage!

This whole trend is a re-hash of an 1980’s look so I set my sights on sourcing a vintage 80’s ladies suit jacket and after about a month of searching I found one! Often true vintage will need a little updating and in this case it was a case of removing a set of shoulder pads but then it was ready to go.

This is the result – for a £3 spend I think it works pretty well. £3 – can you believe it? Another reason I love to look for vintage items…

Vintage prince of wales check jacket blazer via Always a Blue Sky Girl blueskygirlie fashion style 40plus blog

Vintage prince of wales check jacket blazer via Always a Blue Sky Girl blueskygirlie fashion style 40plus blog

Styling-wise I went for a smart casual look, wearing a slim fitting roll neck underneath then rolling up the sleeves. Jeans made the whole look more modern, as did a pair of silver boots.

Vintage prince of wales check jacket blazer via Always a Blue Sky Girl blueskygirlie fashion style 40plus blog

I love the more relaxed look of boyfriend jeans and western boots. These silver boots are currently in the Primark sale at just £3 too! They are really comfortable too so definitely worth grabbing if you see them.

Vintage prince of wales check jacket blazer via Always a Blue Sky Girl blueskygirlie fashion style 40plus blog

Jacket / Cancer Research UK
Roll neck / M&Co.
Jeans / TU at Sainsburys
Boots / Primark

So would you rummage through a charity shop or two to save yourself some money? Eco friendly, charitable and gives you more money to spend on other things…I think its always worth a look!

Ready to wear Suede?

Suede is everywhere this season.  Skirts, waistcoats and tops are appearing in many High Street stores influenced from the catwalk collections.

Now, suede is not an easy choice.  It can be quite rigid and marks easily.  Most items are dry clean only so its important to get yourself a suede brush and some suede and nubuck spray cleaner if you want to avoid being in the dry cleaners each week!

But if you decide to go for it, suede, like leather, can create a luxe look with very little styling. Yes, its an investment piece, but one that will never go out of fashion…suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

I co-ordinated an Outnet bargain top (I didnt want to make too much of an investment!) with skinny jeans and a statement necklace. The boxy shape of the t-shirt balances the fitted jeans and the necklace adds a bit of interest! Buckled boots finish the look.suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  
suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog   suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

I adore this H&M necklace I bought in Copenhagen.  Its striking and quirky but not to heavy to wear.  Who wants to look like everyone else? 

So would you dare to wear suede as a top or bottom this season?

Top – VINCE via The Outnet

Necklace – Divided at H&M

Jeans – Primark

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Top and Tail – 12th June

Todays mini blog capturing my head and feet look via Instagram photos. Follow my daily Instagram’s here

“Vintage separates to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans for #dressupjune”

Todays top look


Jacket – Vintage 1980’s Windsmoor

T-shirt – South at

Jeans – Primark

Necklace – River Island

Todays tail look 


Jeans – Primark

Shoes – 915 at New Look

Vintage Uniqueness

The other day I bought a fantastic water inspired print skirt amongst a few other vintage items.  It was so unique and although longer than I normally wear has a great prom style flare to it from the waist.  As ever with vintage its a pretty small fit – this was sized as a 12 but only just fits me.  Thats a real tip with vintage – ignore the size in it and just try it on.  vintage  summer outfit via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

I teamed it with a vintage St Michael knitted turtle neck top (remember when M&S clothing was called that?), a white beaded bracelet and white pumps for a fresh summery look. 

vintage  summer outfit via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

vintage  summer outfit via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  vintage  summer outfit via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

The delicate print to this skirt is just lovely and very unique. I love how the pattern graduates down to the hemline. The wide waistband is flattering, as are the box pleats on the front.  vintage  summer outfit via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

Vintage is still doing it for me…how about you?  Get into those charity and vintage shops now and have a rummage!  Remember – ignore the size in the item, check for any wear or stains and alter it if you need to. Plus at the same time you are helping the enviroment, looking unique AND saving lots of money – this gorgeous skirt only cost me £2! 

vintage outfit via Always a blue sky girl blog Have a great day dressing up in the sunshine.

Top – vintage

Skirt – vintage

Bracelet – Accessorize

Shoes – Primark


Aye Aye Captain!

Its all feeling a bit nautical today!  I’ve teamed a vintage striped top with M&S sailor style wide legged trousers and navy boat shoes for a fresh summery look.

Tucking a top into fitted trousers accentuates any curves (and my tummy definitely curves!) but today I’m embracing that!  Yes my tummy is on show but the buttons on the hips draws the eye to the edge of your silhouette rather than the centre and the wide trouser leg balance it out.  Also – thank God for M&S’s short lengths – I didnt have to alter these trousers for once!

#ootd nautical striped vintage and m&s look via always a Blue Sky Girl blog
I have added two button brooches I bought from eBay to the vintage top make it even more unique.  This 80’s tee is a great jersey piece with panels of stripes rather than a continuous block which is more flattering. #ootd nautical striped vintage and m&s look via always a Blue Sky Girl blog
#ootd nautical striped vintage and m&s look via always a Blue Sky Girl blog  #ootd nautical striped vintage and m&s look via always a Blue Sky Girl blog
Navy leather flats from Matalan finish the look. A pair of navy shoes is definitely worth having as works great with jeans too.#ootd nautical striped vintage and m&s look via always a Blue Sky Girl blog
When I go out later all I’ll need to do is throw on a denim jacket and I’m good to go.  Smart, fun, easy to wear and perfect for a Friday casual day if you dont want to wear jeans.

Top – vintage

Brooches – eBay

Trousers – Marks & Spencer

Shoes – Matalan 

10 questions you ask yourself when you’re 40+ & wearing vintage.

I’ve blogged a bit about my journey to embrace vintage (see here), but still have the odd wobble.  Once you are of an *ahem* certain age (OK, I’m 42), some fashion choices can get mixed up with just looking odd or people ‘not getting it’ and sometimes you find yourself standing in front of the mirror and asking some bizarre questions!

1) The item looked ‘hipster’ in the vintage store but does it look more ‘crazy cat lady’ on me? featuring a 1980’s original sweatshirt

2) Will people get this necklace is a in joke for my love of Instagram and not just a random strange charm? featuring a vintage brass camera necklace

 3) Can an original Ra-Ra dress work when its not 1985?  I did dream of being in Bucks Fizz… featuring a batwing 1980s ra-ra dress

4) Being a hippy is still cool, especially in the summer, right? featuring a 1970s mint cheesecloth skirt

5)  Is a patterned silk scarf too ‘air hostess’ tied at your neck – it is such a gorgeous print though…? featuring a 1960s psychedelic print scarf 

6)  Is this batwing blouse more ‘Stand and Deliver’ than ‘Stand up and be counted’? featuring a 1980s Alexon high necked batwing blouse 

7)  Did I buy the dress because I like it, or because the label made me feel nostalgic? featuring a 1970s C&A fit and flare dress  

8) Does that original Disneyland vest now making me look like I’m auditioning for an middle-aged version of the Mickey Mouse Club? And is 90’s fashion even vintage, I wore it the first time around?!? featuring a 1990’s Disneyland souvenir vest 

9)  Does having a coat with a OTT stand-up collar make you look like a super villian? featuring a vintage Cacharel tweed coat (thanks mum!) 

And finally…

10)  Is it ok you have no money but the contents of your jewellery drawers (yes, a mere jewellery box is too small) are worth thousands? featuring many years worth of vintage jewellery buys

All items pictured are various vintage pieces I have picked upon my travels…

So do you embrace vintage like me regardless of your age?

All photos are via my Instagram, follow me for more here

Do you wear vintage?

Do you wear vintage? I do. Sort of. Let me explain…

I never used to. I found the sizing always came up small (thats true) and I was worried I’d look like a granny. However, when I started working at various fashion head offices I hated the fact that sometimes you would come in and three other people would be wearing the same top as you. Fashion nightmare!

So I started buying vintage. A necklace here, a top there and a collection started to form. Since I’ve been working with and writing for Kate Beavis Vintage (formally Your Vintage Life) my love of vintage has increased even more and I’ve become more adventurous with my mixing of vintage and modern. In todays blog I style up an 80’s blouse I found in a local charity shop for just £1!!!

I spied this Jacques Vert 1980’s blouse and saw its potential. With its high collar, blouson sleeves and gathered in pleated waist its unusual yet not 80’s crazy!


I paired it with ultra dark skinny jeans and heeled black boots. I wore my hair up to show off the collar and accessories with gold Origami bird earrings.



As an extra touch I added my new Accessorize clock bag I got for Christmas.


It might not be to everyones taste but I know I’m going to look unique! I love its style.

Blouse – Vintage Jacques Vert
Jeans – New Look
Earrings – New Look
Bag – Accessorize
Boots – Next

The Jane skirt by BOB by Dawn O’Porter

I have fallen in love. With a skirt – a stunning one of a kind skirt – actually two of them!

A few months ago when Dawn O’Porter announced she was launching a fashion line my ears pricked by. I love her style and I think she’s done great work making vintage cool to a whole new market and showing how good it can look. In the last few years since writing afor some vintage businesses  I’ve embraced vintage fashion myself and now wear quite a lot of vintage pieces.

The BOB range is a collection of dresses and skirts based on vintage shapes but for a modern customer. And it looks great. The ‘Jane’ skirt is an A-line skirt in 4 Karen Mabon prints. They are cool, clever and funny. My favourites are ‘Quotes’ which has images of book pages and post-it notes with quotes by Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson and Emily Brönte and ‘Paper Planes’ – a design based on 90’s school including Fab ice lollies, highlighter pens, Wotsits and pencils. This 90’s school one with its brilliant random items all over it is my overall favourite – its such a talking piece!
IMG_5500.PNG</br />


Heres the close ups of the prints – they are amazing!


At £180 each they are not cheap but this isn’t disposable fashion – you would wear these skirt for ever.

There are 2 other designs available – ‘Geese in Flight’ and ‘Dog Walkers’ and I can imagine depending on your personal loves they’ll be really popular too.

Buy it at – the website also has a great vintage section.

Let me know if you love these skirts as much as I do. Now I just need to save up!!!