Whats your Autumn Uniform? 

Last week I shared my first easy to wear outfit for autumn (see blog here).  Today see my second easy to wear cosy combo…

Todays uniform – a long jumper/cardigan, leggings and knee high boots What you need in your wardrobe – 

  • Roll neck jumper
  • Longline cardigan (or jumper)
  • Leggings
  • Knee high boots 


    This look is all about proportion – a long cardigan or jumper teamed with leggings is a very flattering easy look to wear.  A layered look keeps you warm too.Autumn uniform - how to dress for autumn & winter  via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

    A cosy look for a chilly day, the roll neck jumper underneath creates a more elegant look but if the weather is milder replace it with a long sleeve t-shirt instead. Autumn uniform - how to dress for autumn & winter  via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog    Autumn uniform - how to dress for autumn & winter  via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

    Knee high boots complete the look and always work great over leggings.  

    And for hair and make-up? For an outfit like this I like to keep it natural with brown and bronze eyeshadows, a brush of bronzer and neutral lipstick.  I like to keep my thick wavy hair more natural in the winter and not straighten it too much so curls are the way to go for me!

    Find uniform number 1 here. Look out for my next blog on creating easy to put together outfits this Autumn next week.

    Cardigan : TU at Sainburys

    Jumper : M&Co.

    Leggings : Primark

    Boots : Topshop

    Whats your Autumn Uniform? 

    Autumn is here and its time to put away the pretty dresses, sandals and cute vests.  So, what to wear now? Well I personally think autumn is the easiest season to dress for with 4 ‘uniforms’ that will get you dressed in no time.  In todays blog I show one version how…

    Todays uniform – 1) a roll neck, short skirt, tights and boots


    What you need in your wardrobe – 

    • Roll neck jumper
    • Short skirt
    • Opaque tights
    • Ankle boots

    This look is a really simple look to put together. Choose a slim fitting roll neck jumper and tuck it into a short flared skirt. If you’d rather go longer with your skirt pick an A-line knee skirt which works just as well.

    Add black opaque tights (I favour a 100 denier tight in the winter) and black ankle boots. 

    Keep it simple with no accessories and for the most flattering look keep your jumper and skirt tonal – i.e. both shades of brown as I have done here.  If you fancy wearing a pattern wear it on your bottom half and keep your roll neck a plain coordinating colour.Autumn uniform - how to dress for autumn & winter via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

    And thats autumn uniform number 1!

    Look out for my blog next week on creating another easy to put together outfit this autumn.

    Jumper : Primark

    Skirt : Papaya at Matalan

    Tights : Matalan

    Boots : Dorothy Perkins

    National Christmas Jumper Day

    Ok, I’m going to come clean – I’m not really a Christmas jumper type person. I love fun fashion definitely…but looking like a clown? No thanks! However over the last few years there’s been some gorgeous Christmas jumpers and there’s something so festive about wearing one. And for someone like me thats great!

    I also like a good cause and today is Save the Children’s National Christmas Jumper Day. The idea is simple – wear a jumper and make a donation – £2 if you’re and adult and £1 if you’re a kid. After searching everywhere (and not wanting to spend a fortune) I finally found a jumper I liked in the kids section of Store21. If you’re not familiar with Store21 (the old Ethel Austin) check it out – its really got some hidden gems all at bargain prices. It is pretty and girlie, baby blue yet still Christmassy…and I do love a Robin! If you’re a size 10 the age 11-12yrs kids will fit you. No VAT to pay either!
    I smartened the look up by wearing a white shirt underneath, skinny jeans and worker style boots.
    Look – they are kissing under the mistletoe 🙂


    I also added a pair of snowflake earrings to add to the festive look.

    Did you take part? Did you go full on Christmas or more muted like me? Whatever way we wore it its still a great way to raise money for a fantastic charity.
    Jumper: Store21
    Shirt: South at Very
    Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
    Earrings: New Look
    Boots: New Look

    Leopard print Loving…

    It’s got cold. Bitterly cold. And I really feel the cold! Thankfully I love coats…I have quite a few and view them as much part of my outfit as any other bit of it. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes every day, so why would you wear the same coat?

    Last year I managed to buy the most amazing vintage faux leopard coat from a charity shop for the princely sum of just £5. Its a 1950’s coat I’d guess, probably hand-made as it has no makers labels and has an adorable peter pan collar, wide sleeves and a slight swing shape.
    So with the wintery weather almost ever present, the coat is out again. I wore it the other day dressed all in black so it stood out. I styled it with knee boots and a black knitted beret style hat. I felt super cosy and also quite fabulous! Meow!!!


    I think this coat, although it’s practically a pensioner in age, will be used for many years to come and I’m thrilled to be giving it a second lease of life!

    Coat – vintage
    Jeggings – Dorothy Perkins
    Boots – Topshop
    Hat – Primark

    And just as a note – this coat just looks like leopard – it’s definitely not made from one!!! I would never wear that…

    Feeling Foxy

    Love my cute New Look fox jumper…was a purchase early in the year but its perfect to come out again this winter (and probably for many winters till it eventually falls apart!).  The grey with flashes of burnt orange and white works really well with denim and is great for a smart’ish casual daytime look.

    I teamed it with Dorothy Perkins Baxter skinny jeans (one of the best stretch skinny fits I’ve found), slouched knee socks and some great vintage style lace up boots I found on eBay.

    blueskygirlie in new look fox jumper outfit playsuit via always a blue sky girl blog

    Another cosy daytime look sorted!

    Jumper  – New Look

    Jeans  – Dorothy Perkins

    Socks – Primark

    Boots  – eBay