Valentines Day Wish List

Valentines day is a week today and amongst the adverts for diamond rings and expensive perfume, its got me dreaming of pretty things I would love to own.

Now, let me start by saying I’m not a huge fan of Valentines day! For me its a marketing ploy, pure and simple, and I don’t like to be told when and what to buy my loved ones.


I also love stuff. Beautiful stuff. Random stuff. Sometimes expensive stuff. So, if I was to pick 10 things right now I’d love, this is it, Valentines Day or not. Oh, and just to add my birthday is very soon too 😉. 

 1. When I saw the MAC Rocky Horror make up range I shivered in an-tic-i-pation (see what I did there?). I adore the film, its songs, its message and its styling. A perfect collaboration – lipsticks are £17.

2. Tatty Devine jewellery is unique, stylish and well made. Would I go for a name necklace and channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw? For someone like me that loves anything sparkly, their £60 Magpie necklace ticks all the boxes.


3. What can I say about the House of Holland Mr Men collaboration? Lets just say this jumper would look fab on me! I love fashion with a sense of humour – yours for £200 and theres a Mr Messy version too!

4. What a statement piece a Anya Hindmarch bag with the cartoon themed leather stickers attached would be. Stickers start from £35 and you can attach them to any leather bag, wallet or case.

5. Oh gosh, just yes… Primark poporn pyjamas – £10 (sadly not online – find in-store). I’m a bit obsessed with eating popcorn and like films, so…

6. Rory Dobner designs are probably one of the best designer ranges I’ve seen recently after discovering them in Liberty. His cat designs are the sort of thing I cant resist and some pieces will definitely be mine in 2015. Prices start from £13.50.


7. I love a non fiction book, particularly by female writers. The Jenny Mollen book ‘I like you just the way I am’ looks so funny. She is just wonderful! £16.99 (thats the cover price so will be cheaper online) well spent IMO.

8. I’ve been coveting a pair of thigh high boots for a while and these H&M versions look great. The heel isn’t too high and at £39.99 they are a great price too.

9. Etsy panda knickers – OK, not cheap at £27.61 but super cute. And panda is my nickname…

10. I think this Not on the High St train ticket artwork is just so sweet. Personalised art with your names and date you met for just £16. Add the frame of your choice and you’ve got something you’ll treasure forever reminding you of fun days out.

Well, thats 10 things that are all very me! I hope you like my wish list and may the 14th be filled with love of all kinds for you.
Love, Sarah 💋💋💋

Find links to all items online via prices in text.

The Jane skirt by BOB by Dawn O’Porter

I have fallen in love. With a skirt – a stunning one of a kind skirt – actually two of them!

A few months ago when Dawn O’Porter announced she was launching a fashion line my ears pricked by. I love her style and I think she’s done great work making vintage cool to a whole new market and showing how good it can look. In the last few years since writing afor some vintage businesses  I’ve embraced vintage fashion myself and now wear quite a lot of vintage pieces.

The BOB range is a collection of dresses and skirts based on vintage shapes but for a modern customer. And it looks great. The ‘Jane’ skirt is an A-line skirt in 4 Karen Mabon prints. They are cool, clever and funny. My favourites are ‘Quotes’ which has images of book pages and post-it notes with quotes by Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson and Emily Brönte and ‘Paper Planes’ – a design based on 90’s school including Fab ice lollies, highlighter pens, Wotsits and pencils. This 90’s school one with its brilliant random items all over it is my overall favourite – its such a talking piece!
IMG_5500.PNG</br />


Heres the close ups of the prints – they are amazing!


At £180 each they are not cheap but this isn’t disposable fashion – you would wear these skirt for ever.

There are 2 other designs available – ‘Geese in Flight’ and ‘Dog Walkers’ and I can imagine depending on your personal loves they’ll be really popular too.

Buy it at – the website also has a great vintage section.

Let me know if you love these skirts as much as I do. Now I just need to save up!!!