Blanket Love

Gosh its cold! Today it was -3 during the school run here in Kent and the look I needed was ‘wrapped up warm…very warm’. Lets be honest – the colder it is, the less likely we all are to be dressing for fashion – its all about comfort and keeping warm.

I’d asked for this New Look blanket wrap for Christmas. Its big and soft and the tonal colours work really well with most other colours.

At £19.99 I thought it was a great price and I can pretend I’m wearing Burberry! Burberrys personalised blankets wraps have been everywhere since AW14 and are pretty stunning…

Being small I find its a bit swamping unless I wear it with a belt although it works well as a looser style cape. Skinny jeans (or leggings) are a must too to keep the silhouette simple.


Underneath, I wore a slim fitting padded coat I have from Next as the key to this look is not looking too bulky. The blanket wrap will be a great transitional piece when it gets warmer but for now a coat underneath is definitely necessary.

On my feet were my cosy Kensington Uggs. I often talk about utilising kids clothes if you can and these are the kids versions. The size 5’s are exactly the same, much cheaper and the only difference is they have a zip in the inside, which I actually like better!

So how do you wrap up in the cold weather?

Wrap – New Look
Jacket – Next
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
Boots – Ugg Australia

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