Bio Clinica Plus

A few weeks back the folks at Tower Health were kind enough to send me a jar of Medosan Bio Clinica Plus beauty treatment to try out and review.  As you know, my quest to look younger than my 42 years is a real one and a good moisturiser/anti aging product is key in that. 


So, what does the product info say –

Bio Clinica Plus is perfectly suited to the needs of your skin. Composed of a combination of valuable mineral extracts from pearls, silk and crystals along with clinically proven plant substances. An anti-age product that protects you from:

  • Dry skin
  •  lose of elasticity
  • the forming of wrinkles
  • age related redness
  • fatigued eyes

Bio Clinica anti-wrinkle cream contains valuable collagen, aloe vera, allantoines, bisabolol, soy and sesame oil, which can contribute to tightening and firming the skin.  Giving you skin the care that will bring out the full beauty of your face.

Sounds good!  But does it make a difference?

The first thing I liked about it is the extracts of pearls, silk and crystals within its formula.  The formula is white and creamy and definitely lifts and freshens your complexion when you put it on.  

Secondly it smells lovely, so much so my partner remarked I smelt nice…always a plus!

Its also in a nice container – sounds picky but I like my face creams to look nice as I often have them showing on my bathroom shelf.

So far, so good…

I chose to use it both morning and night, using a smaller amount in the day as a quick skin refresh and then a bigger amount on my face and neck before bed.  

It didnt leave any residue and felt great on my skin. After two weeks use I reviewed the difference in my skin: 

My skin looks more even in tone and the fine lines on my forehead have definitely lessened.

The lines around my mouth are not so pronounced and dont look as deep.   My neck also feels smoother.


Not a bad result for two weeks use!  I will continue to use it especially with the effect on my fine lines and look forward to continued results.

Priced at £9.95 for 50ml its a good price point and I reckon would last 4-6 weeks depending on how much you used.  Definitely one to have in the bathroom cabinet I think.  You can buy it here.

Bio Clinica Plus 50ml – c/o *

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