The thing I fell in love with this week

Love and Misadventure (RRP £7.99) and Lullabies (RRP £9.99) by Lang Leav – Amazon I first discovered the work of Lang Leav when I saw this romantic quote on Pinterest…  

Lovely eh?

After that I looked for more quotes and fell in love with her wistful, romantic, heady work. I love to read a few poems before bed to relax and always have her books sitting in my reading pile on my bedside table. I find her words very true from a female perspective for all who have been in love, lost love, are looking for love, or are lucky enough to be deeply in love and loved back.  

I recently added her second book ‘Lullabies’ to my collection and her new book ‘Memories’ is out now and will definitely be on my Christmas list. 

What have you bought recently that you love?

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