Still sweet on Suede…

I do like wearing real suede and leather. Wearing them always creates a luxe look that you just cant get any other way – however this makes the items expensive.

I wasn’t  planning on buying a suede skirt but it just happened…it was a bargain in the Debenhams sale for 70% off and I couldnt say no!

The skirt is from the Red Herring range and I’m wearing a UK12. To be honest it was the only one left so I didnt get a choice. Size wise its a little loose around the waist but pretty fitted on the hips so I’d say its true to size.

With a skirt like this I find it best to make it the focus of the outfit. I’ve done this by co-ordinating it with just black…this also makes it a more flattering look as the bulky suede plus the buttons is not the most disguising for my rounded tum! An M&Co fitted roll neck jumper, plus black tights and boots create a slightly retro, 1960’s look I think looks pretty stylish.

As I was at work that day, my hair and make up was a messy (ish) bun and relatively neutral make-up with just a splash of bright colour on my lips.I like a bun for days when I haven’t washed my hair or can’t be bothered to straighten it (hey, I am a working mum with a business on the side!) and use a bun donut underneath to create a more striking look. These can be picked up really cheaply in Wilkinsons or Boots and make a real difference. Just pull your hair into a ponytail, add the donut and then use hair-pins to fix your hair around it.

This classic suede skirt is going to become a wardrobe staple I can tell…

Jumper – M&Co.

Earings – New Look

Skirt – Red Herring @ Debenhams

Boots – Store TwentyOne

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