Secretary Chic

“Here is your coffee Mr Smith, would you like me to finish that filing?”

OK, the traditional secretary doesnt exist anymore but the prim yet sexy look still can. I’m a great fan of the TV show Mad Men and this look as a Joan vibe to it (without the amazing bosom sadly!). Its a cute, preppy look thats often replicated by Kate Spade or J Crew too, favourites of mine and is perfect for a day in the office.   

This is one of those looks that has been pulled together from existing pieces and doesnt require a shopping trip (hoorah says my bank manager!). Its really just based around a great vintage skirt I got for £3 in a charity shop – these type of skirts are easily found and look rubbish on the hanger – the type of skirt your Nana would of worn, but styled right look great.     

I love the removable white bow I got from River Island after Christmas taking a plain white shirt from Matalan and making it both feminine and smart.  A preppy slipover jumper and ankle boots keep the look from looking too vintage (which I hate)…    

So next time you walk past a charity shop filled with 1960’s polyester skirts maybe its worth a second look, what do you think?

Bow – River Island
Blouse – Matalan
Jumper – Benetton
Skirt – Vintage
Shoes – New Look

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