#AD The Power of Flowers

Theres nothing quite like a delivery of fresh flowers to lift your spirits.  I’ve got to be honest I’ve not been having the best time recently for a few various annoying reasons and have been feeling a bit down which isnt like me.  Things can get on top of you and sometimes you just need a little ‘pick me up’ to remind yourself that life is good.

When the doorbell rang and this beautiful luxury bouquet was waiting from Prestige Flowers my heart soared. The gift of flowers is something I love but very rarely receive (probably like a lot of women) and boy, does it fill me with joy!

I immediately put mine on display and its look and smell has been making me smile every day since…they are just beautiful.

This is the ‘Exquisite’ bouquet that starts at £34.99.  

If you havent used Prestige Flowers before let me give you a review of their service.

Their website is really easy to use and their prices are very competitive. Its hard sometimes to know who to use for flowers as its crowded market but I was very impressed with their service and quality.

My flowers were delivered in a lovely decorative box which felt really ‘gifty’ and you could smell the freshness of the flowers straight away.

On opening, the bouguet was presented tied and wrapped – all you had to do was lift it out of the box.

Also included was a glass vase (very carefully wrapped and boxed), care leaflet and a black paper gift bag.  

Upon unwrapping you could see why the flowers were so fresh. The ends were wrapped together in a clever wrapper which was providing them with water and although sodden with water for the flowers did not leak or spill any water on the outside.  The stems were all cut to length – all you had to do was place it in the vase provided – no arranging required!

You could then display (or gift it) in its gift bag or just in its vase…the choice was yours.

I’d definitely send a bouquet like this for a birthday or other special ocassion, plus Christmas isnt far away and they have some beautiful bouquets specially selected as Christmas gifts – find them here –https://www.prestigeflowers.co.uk/christmas-flowers. I’ve never thought of sending flowers for Christmas but I think that would work well as a really nice present for someone special, but one which I didnt have to shop for. Easy AND thoughtful…works for me! 

I’d definitely recommend the Prestige Flowers service and a week later my flowers are still looking great – the lillies are opening up and the fragrance has become even stronger. Its amazing how something like receiving flowers can lift your mood so greatly and this beautiful bouquet definitely does that!
*I was gifted this product but all views stated are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer section.

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