How many is too many?

My name is Sarah and I have a problem… with buying sunglasses.  

Like most of you, sunglasses are a staple of my wardrobe throughout the summer and I can’t go anywhere without some. I love the fact they add an extra element to an outfit and if needed, hide a multitude of sins. No make up on? Eye bags? No problem!

I choose different shapes for different dressing styles and always keep spare pair in both my handbag and car glove-box.

An oversized cats-eye looks stylish and makes your face look slimmer…Sunglasses / New Look

A decorated frame can make a simple outfit look dressed up…Or go or all and clash your patterns!!!Both Sunglasses / Primark

A formal style can be mixed with a casual outfit to dress it up a little…Sunglasses / Kookai

A statement pair will get peoples attention and scream ‘fashion’…Sunglasses / Primark

A classic colour such as tortoise shell will see you through summer after summer…Sunglasses / TopShop

And black just goes with everything…!Sunglasses / Store TwentyOne

Even my 10 year old cant resist…Sunglasses / Primark Kids

At last count I had 14 pairs and I can honestly say I dont regret a pair of them! From £150 RayBans to £1 Primark sale buys, sunglasses really are THE summer accessory essential – throw them in your bag or suitcase this summer and they will make any outfit look better…

So whats your favourite pair? And do you make sure you have a matching pair for every outfit too?

I’d love to know…

SkinnyDip London

So, who has seen this bag everywhere from the arms of fashion bloggers to the pages of glossy magazines?  Its the fabulously named Unicorn Tears Cross Body Bag and at £28 it wont break the bank either!

Its by Skinnydip London – an accessories brand launched in 2011 which has managed to open more than 100 concessions in over 60 countries in the last few years, whilst getting on every fashionistas wish list.

And now the first Skinnydip flagship store has opened at 10 Foubert’s Place just off of Carnaby Street in London selling exclusive products as well as the regular range. 

I had to check it out and it doesnt disappoint!  The products are wonderful, well made and lovely quality plus there’s photo booth to jump in and record your visit.  

Its range is so fun and innovative too.  One of the best selling ranges are the customisable products where you can buy a purse, bag or phone case and then add ‘plushie’ stickers to them to make them look however you want.  Stickers start at £4.00 and you can buy everything from letters to spell words to emojis, fruit and retro badges and symbols.As well as the fab new store the range is available as before via Topshop, Debenhams, River Island, Selfridges and ASOS.

What would you buy?  And if you’ve already fallen in love with Skinnydip London how have you styled your purchases?

Attachable Collars

I do like a collar detail, especially when wearing a jumper and I couldn’t resist buying one of these detachable collars from eBay.  Shipped from Hong Kong they cost next to nothing (well less than £3) and after the longish wait for them to arrive, I think they’re rather good!

Heres some examples from eBay of the types you can get…    

EBay sellers have a wide selection of different styles but I went for a traditional white shirt style collar with white button.  You wear it like a necklace with the button doing up round the front but there are also versions with a yoke part that tucks in, if you want something that will fit any neckline.  

So this is me in my pink jumper.  Pretty non-descipt…  
And this is me wearing the collar.    

What do you think?  I think its a great way to update an existing top or create a shirt effect when it might be too warm to wear two layers.   And all at a bargain price too – and that seems like a winner to me!

Find similar items from eBay here

I LOVE Bubble Necklaces

Last year I saw a lot of amazing fashion images on Pinterest featuring a gorgeous cascading necklace in a range of colours. I fell in love with it immediately but as is often the case with Pinterest shots, I had no idea where to buy it.

IMG_0638image via Pinterest

After a bit of detective work I found out it was a J Crew bubble necklace available on their US website for $150. So plus shipping we were talking a lot of money – far too much in my opinion for a necklace.

image via Pinterest

Now I’m not one to be defeated easily and started to look online for something similar. After a few searches via eBay I was amazed to find pretty much exactly the same necklace in a range of gorgeous colours.

This necklace is not identical of course. I’m not after a fake, just something similar. The stones in the cheaper version are perfectly round rather than faceted, the gold chain isn’t 18ct gold plated and of course its not the same quality. So far I’ve bought three – a black one and versions in green and orange, two of my favourite accent colours. I was really impressed with the quality and paid around £5 each on eBay. Bargain!!! Find similar here.


I just adore them! For me they are the perfect statement necklace. Here is me being arty via Instagram wearing them…


Now I just need to decide which colour to buy next…

Obi belt

Being quite small and curvy I always look best if I’ve cinched in my waist. When I was much bigger than I am now, I had a dress with a great oriental style belt that someone told me was called an Obi belt. An obi belt is based on a Japanese style sash belt used for traditional dress that wraps round the body and ties at the front in a bow or knot.

I’ve been looking for a new one for a while and when I came across this one from Krisp clothing for only £5.99 it was a no-brainer! If you cant get to a store they have a great eBay shop which is where I got mine from.
If you order online it comes in the most adorable packaging with a promo code for your next purchase. I love little touches like that.

The belt is one size and wraps from front to back so would fit a variety of different sizes. I would say that my waist at size 10/12 and about 29″ is about as small as it would go without it wrapping over double at the back and looking quite bulky. You could still do it though I just personally wouldn’t like the gathering.
I teamed mine with a bright patterned South dress from, black tights and black boots.

Dress: South at Very
Belt: Krisp Clothing