How many is too many?

My name is Sarah and I have a problem… with buying sunglasses.  

Like most of you, sunglasses are a staple of my wardrobe throughout the summer and I can’t go anywhere without some. I love the fact they add an extra element to an outfit and if needed, hide a multitude of sins. No make up on? Eye bags? No problem!

I choose different shapes for different dressing styles and always keep spare pair in both my handbag and car glove-box.

An oversized cats-eye looks stylish and makes your face look slimmer…Sunglasses / New Look

A decorated frame can make a simple outfit look dressed up…Or go or all and clash your patterns!!!Both Sunglasses / Primark

A formal style can be mixed with a casual outfit to dress it up a little…Sunglasses / Kookai

A statement pair will get peoples attention and scream ‘fashion’…Sunglasses / Primark

A classic colour such as tortoise shell will see you through summer after summer…Sunglasses / TopShop

And black just goes with everything…!Sunglasses / Store TwentyOne

Even my 10 year old cant resist…Sunglasses / Primark Kids

At last count I had 14 pairs and I can honestly say I dont regret a pair of them! From £150 RayBans to £1 Primark sale buys, sunglasses really are THE summer accessory essential – throw them in your bag or suitcase this summer and they will make any outfit look better…

So whats your favourite pair? And do you make sure you have a matching pair for every outfit too?

I’d love to know…

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