Craft Project: Create an Easter Centrepiece

I love Easter. Whether or not you celebrate it from a religious perspective (I don’t) or as the start of Spring ( Easter with its eggs, flowers and rabbits has its roots from Pagan celebrations—particularly the pagan goddess Eostre – the ancient Germanic goddess of spring, just saying), just enjoy the bank holidays and love it as some special extra family time or just use it as an excuse to have a few chocolate treats, there is so much to enjoy about it.

This year I decided to make an Easter decoration display which I could place on our Easter dinner table and have displayed throughout Easter holding chocolate eggs.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out…

What you’ll need –

All these items were from Poundland and cost me £5.

Artificial grass runner/nest set/ceramic bunnies – all Poundland

The flowers cost me £2 a stem and the Easter decorations £1 each so in total I spent £12 on this project – plus the cost of some chocolate of course!

Large daisy stem – Wilkinsons/Wooden Easter plaques – Asda/Chick decoration – Tescos/Small daisy stem / eBay

Once you have all your parts (feel free to tweak to your own taste) you will also need a glue gun and scissors.

How to make your centrepiece-

Detach all the flowers from their stems and discard the green parts. Trim them tight to the flower part so they lay completely flat. Remove the pre-stuck polystyrene eggs from the small nest from the Poundland nest set and also discard – something much cuter is going in that!

Stick the two nests down in the centre of the artificial grass runner in a slight staggered design then add a mixture of cut artificial daisies to your grass runner and secure using a glue gun (you could use super glue if you don’t have a glue gun). I mixed the sizes to create a stylised effect and concentrated on the corners of the ‘grass’.

Once everything is dry, place your other decorations. With the nests in the centre, I added the larger wooden plaques with a ceramic bunny to one end and the 2 other ceramic bunnies to the other end.

Then place the chick decoration in the smaller nest. How cute is he?!?

To finish it all off, fill the large nest with chocolate eggs. I chose Cadburys Mini eggs but any easter treats will work! I also added a couple more daisies to the centrepiece.

And your Easter centrepiece is complete! Including the chocolate this project cost less than £15 and can be packed away and used next year. I love the idea of making traditions for our children and they love it and I’m sure will want to use it year after year!

All you have to do now is not eat all of the eggs at once! Happy Easter and enjoy!!!

The thing I fell in love with this week

2D bag : Ebay – around £10.00 depending on p&p/custom charges

I first started seeing ‘cartoon bags’ in various blog posts from trendy websites such as Buzzfeed and Dazed & Confused. They are the bags that look like they are a drawing, but in reality are a very clever optical illusion – a flat item that looks 3D.

I wanted a brightly coloured one so searched eBay and soon found one in two of my favourite colours – orange and grey. By searching a few sellers I quickly found one that cost around £10 including the shipping and then waited with bated breath the 3-4 weeks it takes for it to arrive from the far east.

2D 3D cartoon bag via always a blue sky girl fashion style blog.
As you can see it is a very clever design – flat with an adjustable strap and a base that unzips making it larger. The rubber detailing just adds to the quirky ‘unreal’ look.


Apart from importing from the far east you can buy in the UK (more expensively obvs) from companies such as Jump from Paper who have a really great range including some cute clutch bags and backpacks.

photo via JumpfromPaper Instagram

And here I am with mine! I love just it!

2D 3D cartoon bag via always a blue sky girl fashion style blog.

So do you love it or loathe it? Would you carry a cartoon with you? One things for sure, you get a lot of double takes when you wear it!!!

Desperately seeking Pearl

We were invited to the wedding reception of our friends Sally and Christian a couple of weeks back and jumped at the chance to dress up and have fun while celebrating the fact a fantastic coupled had got hitched!

I had been searching for a particular ‘dream’ dress on eBay for ages…a Pearl Lowe lace dress that had been produced by Peacocks back in 2010. At the time I bought a couple of the dresses (they ranged in price from £30-£60) but they were only in a few top stores and sold out really quickly, then Peacocks went into administration and the range was stopped. I was also a size 18 at the time so those dresses I did get ended up going to the charity shop and my search for a size 10 version of the most press loved dress began.  

After a few months I finally found one and I’m so glad I did! It is a gorgeous dress and doesnt look like a high street product at all – in fact it made me feel like a million dollars!wedding fashion - peacocks pearl lowe lace dress via Always a blue sky girl blogThe dress itself has a fitted lace body with satin slip underneath.  Its tight fitting on top and flares out into a lovely full skirt.  The long sleeves show the detail of the lace off beautifully. It really is a beautiful dress and its such a shame they no longer produce the range. wedding fashion - peacocks pearl lowe lace dress via Always a blue sky girl blog  wedding fashion - peacocks pearl lowe lace dress via Always a blue sky girl blogMy bag was a vintage 1960s box bag. Its a lovely piece with gold chain and gold studded frame…and you can fit quite a bit in it! One of the things I love about vintage is you get a unique piece – who wants to turn up somewhere and someone else has exactly the same thing!I’m really fussy about shoes. I don’t like really high heels and I like to dance so they need to be comfortable.  I came upon these Emilio Luca satin beauties purely by chance and they matched the colour of my dress perfectly…plus the kitten heel was comfortable enough to wear all night.   Make-up was a dark red lipstick to match my dress, smoky eyes and winged eye liner.  I also had my normally curly hair professionally blow dryed as I’m useless at doing it myself. wedding fashion - peacocks pearl lowe lace dress via Always a blue sky girl blogWe had a wonderful time and I got to hang out with this fantastic fella – I cannot wait till it’s our own wedding we’re dressing up for…   

Dress : Pearl Lowe at Peacocks (via eBay)

Bag : Vintage

Shoes : Emilio Luca 

Attachable Collars

I do like a collar detail, especially when wearing a jumper and I couldn’t resist buying one of these detachable collars from eBay.  Shipped from Hong Kong they cost next to nothing (well less than £3) and after the longish wait for them to arrive, I think they’re rather good!

Heres some examples from eBay of the types you can get…    

EBay sellers have a wide selection of different styles but I went for a traditional white shirt style collar with white button.  You wear it like a necklace with the button doing up round the front but there are also versions with a yoke part that tucks in, if you want something that will fit any neckline.  

So this is me in my pink jumper.  Pretty non-descipt…  
And this is me wearing the collar.    

What do you think?  I think its a great way to update an existing top or create a shirt effect when it might be too warm to wear two layers.   And all at a bargain price too – and that seems like a winner to me!

Find similar items from eBay here

I LOVE Bubble Necklaces

Last year I saw a lot of amazing fashion images on Pinterest featuring a gorgeous cascading necklace in a range of colours. I fell in love with it immediately but as is often the case with Pinterest shots, I had no idea where to buy it.

IMG_0638image via Pinterest

After a bit of detective work I found out it was a J Crew bubble necklace available on their US website for $150. So plus shipping we were talking a lot of money – far too much in my opinion for a necklace.

image via Pinterest

Now I’m not one to be defeated easily and started to look online for something similar. After a few searches via eBay I was amazed to find pretty much exactly the same necklace in a range of gorgeous colours.

This necklace is not identical of course. I’m not after a fake, just something similar. The stones in the cheaper version are perfectly round rather than faceted, the gold chain isn’t 18ct gold plated and of course its not the same quality. So far I’ve bought three – a black one and versions in green and orange, two of my favourite accent colours. I was really impressed with the quality and paid around £5 each on eBay. Bargain!!! Find similar here.


I just adore them! For me they are the perfect statement necklace. Here is me being arty via Instagram wearing them…


Now I just need to decide which colour to buy next…