The thing I fell in love with this week

2D bag : Ebay – around £10.00 depending on p&p/custom charges

I first started seeing ‘cartoon bags’ in various blog posts from trendy websites such as Buzzfeed and Dazed & Confused. They are the bags that look like they are a drawing, but in reality are a very clever optical illusion – a flat item that looks 3D.

I wanted a brightly coloured one so searched eBay and soon found one in two of my favourite colours – orange and grey. By searching a few sellers I quickly found one that cost around £10 including the shipping and then waited with bated breath the 3-4 weeks it takes for it to arrive from the far east.

2D 3D cartoon bag via always a blue sky girl fashion style blog.
As you can see it is a very clever design – flat with an adjustable strap and a base that unzips making it larger. The rubber detailing just adds to the quirky ‘unreal’ look.


Apart from importing from the far east you can buy in the UK (more expensively obvs) from companies such as Jump from Paper who have a really great range including some cute clutch bags and backpacks.

photo via JumpfromPaper Instagram

And here I am with mine! I love just it!

2D 3D cartoon bag via always a blue sky girl fashion style blog.

So do you love it or loathe it? Would you carry a cartoon with you? One things for sure, you get a lot of double takes when you wear it!!!

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