Fashion Hacks: messy belts

Don’t you just hate when your clothes dont feel right? I am a stickler for perfection in fashion styling (its a throwback from being a Harrods window dresser) and like to customise things that aren’t quite right. 

In todays blog I’ll show you a little fashion fix for when your belt is hanging down, looking messy and being generally annoying! Long belts are fine when youre wearing something with belt loops but I like to add belts to my dresses and skirts.  Plus, it seems I always have too much belt left over (this belt is a S/M from Primark and is still too long!) as you can see below.

This hack works best with a plaited belt but you could also make a small hole in any belt yourself and do the same.

1) Firstly find yourself a bobby pin (the type you use to pin hair up).

2) Push the pin through the end of the belt where its too long. Make sure it is as near the end of the belt as possible.

3) Line up the belt where you want it to stay put and push the pin through both layers.

4) Twist the belt over so you can get to the underside and then bend out the ends of the bobby pin into a straight line.5) Turn the belt back over and line up the pin, so the pin is hidden underneath.

6) Pull down the belt so it is lined up with the waistband of your clothing and fits your waist snugly.

And Voila! A neat, fixed in place belt!

Simple, yet effective. Look out for other fashion hacks in further blogs.

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