Upgrade your handbag

New fashion hack alert! In todays blog I will take you through a little bit of customising I recently did to a cute Disney handbag I bought from Primark. Its a nice bag but costing only £9 meant that it was never going to have those little extras that makes a more premium bag feel special. 

Now I cant afford Coach (well I can but would rather spend it on my house… priorities right?), but I can be creative and by spending a tenner you can take a nice bag and make it a REALLY nice bag!

First pick your weapons – I wanted to create an ornate bag charm similar to the ones seen on the recent Disney Coach bags so I found a couple of cute charms that matched the colours of the bag and fitted in with a cute Disney vibe.

I then removed the existing zipper pull and replaced it with a simple tassel from the eBay bag charm. I kept the original pull safe as I knew I’d be using it and deconstructed the 2 charms ready to use them.

I then added the deconstructed pieces to a large Mickey Mouse keyring I had trawled eBay for. This was the key item of the bag upgrade and it took me a while to find as I wanted him to match the colours of the bag print exactly. The key to customisation is making sure your finish is good and all your components look like they were meant to be there i.e. dont use anything in a silver metal if the rest of the bag is finished in gold for example.

I then attached the new charm to one end of the bag adding the original zipper pull. By using an original part of the bag in this new charm makes the whole thing feel like it was designed as part of the bag.

And finally the finished product! I love my customised, improved and upgraded bag and its been getting lots of admiring glances and positive comments. Remember, being stylish is about creating looks YOU love and are personal to YOU; so mix and match, take things apart and put them back together again and tweak clothing to make it fit how you like it. After all who wants exactly the same things as everyone else?

Disney bag – Primark £9
Heart bag charm – H&M £2.99
Mickey Mouse keyring – eBay £5
Tassel bag charm – eBay £2.49

Sightseeing in Budapest

Over the Easter break I took a wonderful 4 day trip to Budapest in Hungary.  

It is an absolutely beautiful city and I couldn’t resist doing an ‘outfit of the day’ in such a stunning  location – it certainly beats my kitchen/diner where I usually shoot my outfit posts!

The look…


I saw this cream tasseled jacket in the Primark Tottenham Court Road store and instantly fell in love with it. Priced at £20 it looks much more expensive than that. Size-wise I went for the UK12 as the 10 was a little tight across the shoulders on me. I love the tasseled 3/4 length sleeves and bib detail front and its a lightweight cotton thats perfect for hotter days.

I added a pair of trusty New Look ‘super skinny’ jeans and my look was complete. I love NL denim and these jeans are tight all over (hence the super skinny fit name because I’m definitely not!) yet highwaisted and very stretchy so quite flattering.


The details…

I added a pair of Primark tortoiseshell effect sunglasses (£3) and denim pumps (£4), along with a trusty GAP white tee underneath.  The denim pumps elongate the look, meaning your eye is drawn just to the hero piece – that fabulous Primark jacket.     

The jacket and pumps are both in store now – be quick though as Primark stock moves very quickly.  I just love this look and know I will wear it quite a bit this Summer. 

Now I just need to get back on holiday…

Jacket – Primark
T-shirt – GAP
Jeans – New Look
Sunglasses – Primark
Denim pumps – Primark

Back to the 90’s

A little while ago I blogged about wearing pink (find it here), well I’m at it again while we have some suprisingly warm weather for Autumn here in the UK. 

Last time I styled it subtly, to try and make it age appropriate (I’m 42!) but today my look is more a laid back homage to the 90’s – an era that is very much mine. In fact all day I couldn’t help but feel like a modern day Brenda from my 90s obsession, Beverley Hills 90210!   

I’m wearing a new style of jeans for me…’mom fit’.  Ok stop sniggering – its a high waisted and generous cut designed to be belted in at the waist…and I hate to admit it, but its super easy and comfortable to wear.  Its not the most flattering fit as it does highlight any roundness of the tummy but all in all I think its a cute look.  This ripped style pair are from Primark priced at £12 available in sizes 6-20.

I am wearing another Primark buy on top – a pink lace tee which I’ve tucked in to make the look a bit more streamlined and put a white vest underneath.  A simple thick white belt completes the look.  The ‘back to the 90’s’ look is everywhere at the moment – type 90’s into ASOS and look how much stuff comes up!  

    On my feet I’ve gone old school! I’ll tell you a secret, these are in fact my first ever pair of Vans! At 42 I’ve finally moved away from my usual Converse and gone for a pretty mid pink colour as my first pair. They are so comfortable and chunky and I can now see why people love them.  


So will you embrace the 90s vibe? And what about pink…? Fashion is like a fantastic box of chocolates – have fun picking from all those different tastes.

T-shirt – Primark

Vest – Bonmarche*

Belt – New Look

Jeans – Primark

Shoes – Vans