Back to the 90’s

A little while ago I blogged about wearing pink (find it here), well I’m at it again while we have some suprisingly warm weather for Autumn here in the UK. 

Last time I styled it subtly, to try and make it age appropriate (I’m 42!) but today my look is more a laid back homage to the 90’s – an era that is very much mine. In fact all day I couldn’t help but feel like a modern day Brenda from my 90s obsession, Beverley Hills 90210!   

I’m wearing a new style of jeans for me…’mom fit’.  Ok stop sniggering – its a high waisted and generous cut designed to be belted in at the waist…and I hate to admit it, but its super easy and comfortable to wear.  Its not the most flattering fit as it does highlight any roundness of the tummy but all in all I think its a cute look.  This ripped style pair are from Primark priced at £12 available in sizes 6-20.

I am wearing another Primark buy on top – a pink lace tee which I’ve tucked in to make the look a bit more streamlined and put a white vest underneath.  A simple thick white belt completes the look.  The ‘back to the 90’s’ look is everywhere at the moment – type 90’s into ASOS and look how much stuff comes up!  

    On my feet I’ve gone old school! I’ll tell you a secret, these are in fact my first ever pair of Vans! At 42 I’ve finally moved away from my usual Converse and gone for a pretty mid pink colour as my first pair. They are so comfortable and chunky and I can now see why people love them.  


So will you embrace the 90s vibe? And what about pink…? Fashion is like a fantastic box of chocolates – have fun picking from all those different tastes.

T-shirt – Primark

Vest – Bonmarche*

Belt – New Look

Jeans – Primark

Shoes – Vans

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