International Womens Day

So today, 8th March 2015 is International Womens Day. A day to celebrate being female – to be proud to be a woman, a feminist, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover and a friend.  

To remember the women who came before us and fought for us and our rights.  And the women who taught us, nurtured us and loved us.  The ones who continue to inspire us to be better human beings whether we are male or female.

Do we need days like today?  I’ll be honest, part of me finds it slightly patronising – the fact there is a yearly ‘day’ separates us and thats part of the issue.  I doubt there would be much noise about an International Mens Day.  But ultimately days like this are about empowerment, knowledge and creating change and that can’t be a bad thing.  Lets remember, women are still oppressed throughout the world, earn less than men and are subject to physical and sexual violence.  There is still sexism in many workplaces and as women we are still judged mainly on our appearance. 

Feminism has become a dirty word recently but ultimately it is all about equality for all – not that men are bad or women are better (or vice versa).  The below quote sums it up for me – 

So for me, today is being proud of being a woman, supporting other women and continuing to fight for equality where there is none.  To feel lucky I was bought up by a strong, intelligent woman, who in turn had a strong woman as her mother.  To feel lucky I grew up believing I could be anything I wanted to be.  And to be proud of the woman I am now – I revel in my femininity, love to dress up and be pretty.  I embrace my sexual power and use to it my advantage.  Does that make me a weak woman?  No – its who I am and I am proud of that!  I am also strong, articulate, confident and full of opinions!!!

But for me – 

Lets make every day our day – only we can seize the many different opportunities that present themselves and that takes bravery.  We are women – hear us roar!!!

Sarah xx

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