Dita Von Teese – Starlift lingerie

A couple of days ago Dita Von Teese ran two photos one after the other on her Instagram feed showing one of her new lingerie lines.   

I just love the fact there are showing the range on two different body shapes without any fuss or fanfare.  Each look is slightly different but still strong, sexy and feminine and fits to the Dita Van Teese brand look.

Her lingerie is just gorgeous and is quite clearly is designed for any girl who wants it.  Its not ‘plus size’, its not ‘main range’, its just the range.  

I think wearing pretty/sexy/fun lingerie makes all woman feel good.  It definitely works for me. We are all different shapes and sizes and 99% of us do not have model bodies – if we did we’d be all be working as models.  Its lucky really, who would do all the other jobs?!?

The sets look great regardless…and thats the point. Thanks Dita x

Photos via Instagram

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