Any colour you want as long as its black…

So what do you wear when you cant be bothered to style?

Black. No brainer.

Of course when I say ‘no styling’ I of course mean minimum styling, as if you love fashion like me, you’ll find it hard not to try and make every outfit, even lazy day ones, a bit more stylish!

All black is super easy to work with though and I like to make it a bit more intetesting by adding different textures and a stand out accessory such as a necklace or as I have done in todays outfit, some statement earrings. After a few hot days its now pouring with rain so the summer dresses have been put on hold for now…

all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog  
I recently bought myself a few new black jumpers as they are do easy to just throw on. This one is from H&M and is currently in the sale reduced from £19.99 to just £7. It has a turtle neck and is made from a textured knit that is ever so slightly see through. It is cut to be oversized so I went for the smallest size (XS/extra small) and it is still quite roomy on my size 10/12 frame.   all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog 

I co-ordinated it with a pair of wet look leggings which I wear quite a lot especially as an alternative to skinny jeans. They are super comfy too!  The shiny look adds an extra element that plain black would not of, plus they make you feel kinda sexy…
all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog  all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog As I mentioned the only real accessorising to this outfit was a pair of statement earrings, plus my trusty black leather Converse. When I bought them I was a bit worried they might not get worn as much as my other 1000 pairs of Converse (a slight exaggeration but not much) but they are the perfect shoe for when you want a more dressy trainer. I just love them.

So there you have it. Lazy day styling!

Jumper – H&M
Earrings – Dorothy Perkins
Wet look leggings – eBay
Trainers – Converse

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