Doing Valentines Day your way…

Now lets start with a disclaimer…I am no fan of Valentines day. In fact I wrote a whole blog about it being a marketing ploy that we should not get caught up in (read my thoughts here). I personally don’t like being guilted in to acting a certain way and all these ‘holidays’ do seem to do that.

Instead lets talk about things I do love…

  • Fashion
  • Hearts
  • Vintage
  • Personalisation
  • Cute design
  • Being romantic

Regardless of the date, let me share some lovely ways to be cute around Valentines Day or Galantines Day or just a random day in February depending on your view, using things I love.

Dress the part –

Don’t worry, I’m not talking sexy underwear (although most men would agree its never a bad idea, I’m sure!). I’m talking a cute reference to the season without looking like you tried too hard. This cropped jumper looks great and I co-ordinated it with a leather skirt for a low key sexy look. It has a sense of humour (a key part of fashion for me), is a great price and best of all you can wear it any day of the year! After all, who doesn’t love LOVE!

Jumper / Divided at H&M, Skirt /

Get retro –

As you may know I love vintage (I run a vintage shop full of curated pieces on Etsy – take a look) and buying vintage items is a cheap and cheerful way to add a unique touch to proceedings. I discovered these 1960’s glasses in a local secondhand shop and just had to have them.

…and they came in a pair so are perfect for a glass of bubbly with a loved one during a cheeky romantic meal – or how about using them for a yummy dessert?

Smell great –

They say our sense of smell plays a huge part in arousal and smelling good makes you feel confident which in turn makes you sexy. So add a few sprays of a great scent onto your skin and see what happens! Lately theres been some fantastic perfumes launch that don’t break the bank, in fact my two favourites at the moment are actually budget buys from Missguided and Primark.

Pink Candy fragrance / Primark, Babe Power fragrance / Missguided

Wrap a gift but make it personal* –

I discovered Pretty Gifted just before Christmas. They are a fantastic online seller of personalised gift wrap – you pick your paper colour, your print foil, your font and your message and they do the rest. For £7.95 you get a large sheet of fantastic quality wrap, a gift tag and a metallic pen. This time I chose the new rainbow foil effect and went for a cute little message to my boyfriend to wrap a token gift in – ‘can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back…’ I’m smooth right!?!

Wrapping paper / Pretty Gifted, Ribbon / Wilkinsons

I have kindly been given a code for my followers to receive an exclusive 10% off all orders – bluesky18val . It is valid until their Valentines cut off (midday on Friday 9th Feb)

Have a nibble –

My local independent baker makes the cutest cookies and cakes for Valentines (and lots of other seasonal events) and I bet yours does too. For just a £1.50 or so you can pick a super cute treat for a favourite person to have with their coffee which is guaranteed to make them smile and remind them how much you care…oh and you get to support a small independent business too!

Be cute not crass –

One of the reasons I’m not a fan of V-day is the pressure it creates. It encourages us to spend money we often cant afford on booking restaurants or spending £50 on roses that will be dead in a week, feel we must be waiting in red underwear ready to ‘perform’ as if we were in a XXX movie and the fake world of social media has just made it even worse. Thanks Facebook/Snapchat/Insta but I don’t need to see 37 photos of *insert name here*s Valentines day…no one does!

Often a token gift can mean much more than something expensive but with no thought behind it. A pretty pair of earrings because he knows you love to dress up, a lip balm because he loves to kiss your lips, a Lego mini figure of a favourite comic book character, a book mark because he knows you love reading…These type of things mean much more to me and are the things I have come to cherish particularly as I get older…

Heart Peg / The Works (pack of 10), Earrings / F&F, Trinket dish / Clintons, Lip balm / Beauty Base , Silver Love Heart / Suck UK , Love potion bottle / East of India, Harley Quinn figure / Lego.

So for a simpler way to celebrate, put your phone away, don’t broadcast what you’re doing or not doing and just do something that makes the person you love (whether its a lover, a friend or yourself – self love counts too remember) happy. Write a note, share a memory, make a favourite meal or just sit on the sofa watching a favourite film. Obviously feel free to do any of the other ‘Valentiney’ things if thats your bag, but do them because you want to and can afford to, not because you’re trying to out-do the rest of Facebook, impress your friends or feel pressured to by others.

Celebrate or don’t celebrate, but do it you way!

…And most importantly, none of the ideas shown in this blog cost a lot… because I truly believe love shouldn’t come with a price tag! xx

*items marked with an asterisk denotes a gifted item but all views stated are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer section.

Any colour you want as long as its black…

So what do you wear when you cant be bothered to style?

Black. No brainer.

Of course when I say ‘no styling’ I of course mean minimum styling, as if you love fashion like me, you’ll find it hard not to try and make every outfit, even lazy day ones, a bit more stylish!

All black is super easy to work with though and I like to make it a bit more intetesting by adding different textures and a stand out accessory such as a necklace or as I have done in todays outfit, some statement earrings. After a few hot days its now pouring with rain so the summer dresses have been put on hold for now…

all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog  
I recently bought myself a few new black jumpers as they are do easy to just throw on. This one is from H&M and is currently in the sale reduced from £19.99 to just £7. It has a turtle neck and is made from a textured knit that is ever so slightly see through. It is cut to be oversized so I went for the smallest size (XS/extra small) and it is still quite roomy on my size 10/12 frame.   all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog 

I co-ordinated it with a pair of wet look leggings which I wear quite a lot especially as an alternative to skinny jeans. They are super comfy too!  The shiny look adds an extra element that plain black would not of, plus they make you feel kinda sexy…
all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog  all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog all black simple styling via always a blue sky girl blog As I mentioned the only real accessorising to this outfit was a pair of statement earrings, plus my trusty black leather Converse. When I bought them I was a bit worried they might not get worn as much as my other 1000 pairs of Converse (a slight exaggeration but not much) but they are the perfect shoe for when you want a more dressy trainer. I just love them.

So there you have it. Lazy day styling!

Jumper – H&M
Earrings – Dorothy Perkins
Wet look leggings – eBay
Trainers – Converse

Finding my Dress of Dreams™

I think its fair to say I’m quite a bohemian at heart. Style wise I love a maxi dress or skirt or hippy style kimono. I’m always on the look out for great boho style pieces for my wardrobe but you tend to find they are mainly summer pieces.

When I saw this dress in H&M last week I grabbed it off the rail so quickly I almost gave myself whiplash!  I don’t buy a lot of clothes but this sort of dress is a dream daytime dress for me.

The dress itself is a great A/W piece made from a silky yet thick material which hangs beautifully. Being only 5’2″ I knew the dress would be too long and as soon as I got it home I altered it taking 3″ off the bottom. I’m used to shortening things now when there’s not a petite section and a dress like this is pretty easy to do.

I added a thick belt for a more structured look, as being petite I often get a bit swamped by blouson styles but the dress has an elasticated waistband so can easy be worn without. It is available in sizes UK 6-16 and comes up true to size/slightly generous. I am wearing a UK size 10 here although as I mentioned it is shorted by 3″.

      Little details such as bell sleeves and a tasselled tie to the collar really makes this dress looks much more expensive than it really was…

 …Oh yes, did I mention it is instore at only £14.99!!! What an absolute bargain!Lace up boots keep the look relaxed yet still within a bohemian vibe although I kept the hem length to just above the floor so you can hardly see them.I kept my hair long and added some extra curls to the ends, make-up was a neutral daytime look with just a bit of mascara, brown eyeshadow and wine coloured lip gloss to complete the look. My autumn flower power inspired look was complete!

Dress – H&M

Belt – Vintage

Boots – New Look

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Ready to wear Suede?

Suede is everywhere this season.  Skirts, waistcoats and tops are appearing in many High Street stores influenced from the catwalk collections.

Now, suede is not an easy choice.  It can be quite rigid and marks easily.  Most items are dry clean only so its important to get yourself a suede brush and some suede and nubuck spray cleaner if you want to avoid being in the dry cleaners each week!

But if you decide to go for it, suede, like leather, can create a luxe look with very little styling. Yes, its an investment piece, but one that will never go out of fashion…suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

I co-ordinated an Outnet bargain top (I didnt want to make too much of an investment!) with skinny jeans and a statement necklace. The boxy shape of the t-shirt balances the fitted jeans and the necklace adds a bit of interest! Buckled boots finish the look.suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  
suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog   suede t-shirt #ootd via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog 

I adore this H&M necklace I bought in Copenhagen.  Its striking and quirky but not to heavy to wear.  Who wants to look like everyone else? 

So would you dare to wear suede as a top or bottom this season?

Top – VINCE via The Outnet

Necklace – Divided at H&M

Jeans – Primark

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Copenhagen H&M shopping haul

I recently blogged about a great trip I had to Copenhagen, Denmark.  I love fashion and I love H&M and the stores out there (being Scandinavian) were amazing!  In fact there were about five different ones in the city centre alone!

Today I thought I’d share with you what I bought… 

I love a dress and ended up buying a few, plus a top, jewellery and accessories.  Danish Krona equates to about 10: £1 and although the items weren’t hughly cheaper than the UK a lot of items that have only just launched in the UK were heavily reduced in their sale.h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

Jewel Print dress – £5.00 (reduced from £29.99). I have loved this jewel print range and seen pieces on other bloggers but not been able to track any pieces down. This is a mini dress/tunic top with wide 60’s sleeves.  I wore it out recently with wet look leggings and heels and felt very ‘Megan Draper from Mad Men’! The print is just gorgeous.  It is a loosish fit and the size 8 (H&M size 34) fitted me perfectly.h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog   

Palm detail dress – £5.00 (reduced from £39.99).  This is a heavyweight lined cotton mesh dress and very unusual – I love the french knot embroidery detail and its casual fit.

h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog Striped top – £17.99 – an absolutely classic, elegant look with a high turtle neck.  I’m planning on teaming it with white trousers or wide leg jeans.h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog  

H&M loves Coachella lace dress/cover up – £14.99. The minute I saw this on the mannequin I knew I had to have it. I thought it was a total bargain at £15 and the bright coral crochet lace is very nicely done. It can be worn as a beach cover-up but I will wear it with a slip underneath as a short summer dress.  On my boyfriends advice I went for a size small for a more fitted shape. h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

And then the accessories…

Divided Keys necklace & padlock earings – sale price £2.50 for all.  I have worn this necklace loads since we’ve got back and absolutely love its uniqueness.

h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

Blue necklace – £2 (reduced from £9.99), star keychain – 50p (reduced from £4.99), starburst earings – £2 (reduced from £6.99)h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

Gold earings – £3.95.  Wanted some simple drop studs for ages (where part hangs under your ear) and these were a total bargain.

h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog Lips purse £2 (reduced from £10) and lips cosmetic bag £2.99 h&m haul via Always a Blue Sky Girl blog

If I’d of paid to store my luggage in the hold I would of bought even more!   Many of these items are instore now at H&M UK.  Look out for them all in future outfit posts.

H&M Conscious Collection 2015

The H&M 2015 Conscious Collection has just gone live in store and online, and oh my, its a great one!  I have a few pieces from previous collections and they are all amazing quality and that bit more unusual and I always get comments when wearing them.

What is H&M’s conscious collection?  Well its built on seven commitments from the company, the plan being to create a better fashion future.

The commitments are:

This year the campaign is fronted by actress Olivia Wilde and the pieces are just stunning, as well as sustainable and beneficial to the producers.  H&M released the press statement below-

H&M is proud to announce that Olivia Wilde, actress and humanitarian, will be the face of H&M’s latest Conscious Exclusive campaign. Olivia, well known for her commitment to sustainability and her engagement for environmental causes will appear in the campaign wearing pieces from the collection. Conscious Exclusive will be available in around 200 H&M stores worldwide on April 16, as well as online.

I totally love this range…

My top picks:

Maxi dress £149.99

 Ruffle dress £39.99

Tuxedo jacket £79.99 & trousers £59.99 Coat £59.99

T-shirt £12.99, Maxi skirt £99.99


Dress £39.99

 Long ruffled dress £79.99

Leather jacket £199.99

Its all just gorgeous!  Theres lots more to choose from too. All are available instore and in limited quantities on-line from H&M now.

Having just come back from Scandinavia having spent loads in H&M I think my bank balance is going to take another knocking!!!  What do you think?  Do you love the collection too?

All photos via 



Simple styling 101:  Take one statement shirt (think bright prints or a strong pattern), mix in some plain jeans/shoes and finally add a vintage accessory to make your look unique. Voila, your look is complete!

Todays look is based around a fabulous star print H&M chiffon shirt.  I love statement shirts as they are so easy to wear, practical and flattering.  I do love this shirt… always a blue sky girl star print h&m shirt ootd

always a blue sky girl star print h&m shirt ootd

I added a great 1980’s bow collar I own and cute flat shoes with gold toes.  Adding the collar is a great way to make the blouse unique – you could make one yourself from ribbon or a scarf. I saw a stylist using a satin dressing gown belt to do the same a little while back.always a blue sky girl star print h&m shirt ootd

always a blue sky girl store twenty one shoes ootd

Make-up wise I went for dark eyes and neutral but glossy lips.  Winged eyeliner works great with the black jeans and shoes creating a great daytime ‘made-up’ look thats strong but not too OTT.

always a blue sky girl star print h&m shirt ootd  

This look can be replicated again and again using shirts of different patterns and colours. Easy outfit building and no-one will ever twig youre basically wearing the same outfit again and again!  We’ll just keep it our little secret…😉

Blouse – Divided @ H&M

Jeans – c/o Bonmarché*

Bow collar – vintage

Shoes – Store Twenty One